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1 مَتَعَ النَّهَارُ The day became advanced, the sun being high, (S, K,) before the declining of the sun from the meridian. (K.) . مَتَّعَهُ He (God) made him to live. (Bd in xi. 3.) b2: See مَلّا. b3: مَتَّعَهَا He gave her a gift after divorce. (K.) And مَتَّهَا بِكَذَا He gave her (a divorced wife) such a thing. (Msb.) 5 تَمَتَّعَ بِهِ and ↓ اِسْتَمْتَعَ and ↓ اِمْتَتَعَ are syn., signifying اِنْتَفَعَ بِهِ زَمَانًا طَوِيلًا; (Ham, p. 165 ;) [He benefited, or profited by it; had the benefit, use, or enjoyment, of it; he enjoyed it; accord. to the above authority, for a long time; but this restriction is not always meant.] You say.

اِسْتَمْتَعْتُ بِاصْطِبَاحِ خَمْرٍ [I enjoyed the drinking a morning-draught of wine]: and بِالإِصْغَآءِ إِلَى

أَغَانِى جَارِيَةٍ [the listening to the songs of a girl]. (Mo'allakát, p. 169.) b2: تَمَتَّعَ He became provided with مَتَاع, or utensils and furniture for the house, or tent. (TA, voce تَبَتَّتَ, q. v.) b3: تَمَتَّعَ i. q. عَاشَ. (Bd, Jel, xi. 68.) b4: تَمَتَّعَ بِهِ generally signifies He enjoyed it: (MA:) so in many cases in the Kur, &c.8 إِمْتَتَعَ see 5.10 اِسْتَمْتَعَ بِكَذَا , and ↓ تَمَتَّعَ, He benefited or profited by such a thing. (Msb.) b2: See 5. b3: مُسْتَمْتُعٌ: see مَلْبَسٌ.

مُتْعَةٌ Enjoyment; a subst. in the sense of تَمَتُّعٌ; (S, Msb, K;) syn. نَعْمَةٌ. (Jel, xlvi. 26.) See an ex., in a verse of Lebeed, voce فَرْطٌ. b2: مُتْعَةٌ A gift to a divorced wife. (Msb, K.) See مَتَاعٌ. b3: متعة الضُّحَى [i. e. مُتْعَة?] i. q. أَوَّلُهَا. (TA voce فِيقَة, in art. فوق.) مَتَاعٌ Anything useful or advantageous; as goods: such as the utensils and furniture of a house or tent, or household-goods: any utensils, or apparatus: chattels: a commodity, and commodities; (Mgh, &c.;) generally best rendered goods, chattels, household-goods or chattels, or utensils and furniture. b2: المَتَاعُ [signifies (tropical:) الفَرْجُ;] a woman's pudendum: (TA:) [see مُتَوَهِّجَةٌ, in art. وهج: and] the penis. (Mgh.) b3: مَتَاعٌ also applies to Food, the necessaries of life: see two exs. voce حَفَفٌ. b4: مَتَاعٌ for a divorced wife, A provision of necessaries, such as food and clothing and household-utensils or furniture: see عَرْفٌ, and Bd in ii. 242: i. q. تَمْتِيعٌ. (Bd in ii. 237.) b5: مَتَاعٌ i. q. مَا يُتَمَتَّعُ بِهِ, and الاِسْتِمْتَاعُ; (Jel in iv. 79;) generally best rendered Enjoyment, in the Kur iv. 79 and ix. 38 and similar cases. See مُتْعَةٌ.
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