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1 مَحَضَهُ, (S, A, K,) aor. مَحَضَ, (K,) inf. n. مَحْضٌ, (TK,) He gave him to drink [milk such as is termed] مَحْض; (S, A, K;) as also ↓ امحضهُ. (S, K.) b2: He made it (namely milk) to be such as is termed مَحْض; (A;) and ↓ امحضهُ signifies [the same; or] he made it (milk, or anything, S) to be pure, sheer, free from admixture, unmingled, unmixed, or clear. (S, Msb.) b3: [And hence,] مَحَضْتُ الوُدَّ, aor. and inf. n. as above, (tropical:) I made love, or affection, true, or sincere; as also ↓ أَمْحَضْتُهُ. (Msb.) And مَحَضَهُ الوُدَّ, (S, A, K,) and النُّصْحَ, (A,) and مَحَضَ لَهُ النُّصْحَ, (TA,) (tropical:) He made love or affection, and good advice, to be pure, or sincere, to him; [i.e. he was pure, or sincere, to him in love, or affection, and in good advice;] as also الوُدَّ ↓ امحضهُ; (S, A, K;) or, accord. to IDrd, this latter only; (A;) but this latter was unknown to As; (IB;) and النصح ↓ امحضهُ; (A;) and له النصح ↓ امحض. (TA.) And ↓ أَمْحَضَهُ الحَدِيثَ (tropical:) He was true, or veracious, to him in the narration, or in discourse. (IKtt, K.) and فُلَانٌ الحَقَّ ↓ مَحَّضَنِى (assumed tropical:) [Such a one declared, or told clearly, to me the truth]. (A, TA, voce صَبَّحَ.) A2: مَحِضَ, (Sgh, K,) aor. مَحَضَ, inf. n. مَحَضٌ, (TK,) He drank [milk such as is termed]

محض; (Sgh, K;) as also ↓ امتحض. (S, K.) See also 10.

A3: مَحُضَ, aor. مَحُضَ, inf. n. مُحُوضَةٌ, (assumed tropical:) He became pure in his حَسَب [or grounds of pretension to respect]. (S, K.) And مَحُضَ فِى نَسَبِهِ, inf. n. as above, (assumed tropical:) He was pure, or unmixed, in his race, lineage, or parentage. (Msb.) 2 مَحَّضَ see above.4 امحضهُ: see مَحَضَهُ, throughout. b2: امحض الدَّابَّةَ (tropical:) He fed the beast of carriage with مَحْض, meaning قَتّ [a kind of trefoil, or clover]. (IKtt.) 8 إِمْتَحَضَ see مَحِضَ.10 استمحض [He asked for, or demanded, or desired, milk such as is termed مَحْض]. (A.) b2: [In a copy of the A, it has also assigned to it the signification given above to مَحِضَ and امتحض; but in this instance I think it a mistranscription for امتحض.]

مَحْضٌ Milk that is pure, sheer, free from admixture, unmingled, unmixed, or clear; (Lth, S, A, K;) without froth; (Lth, A;) or not mixed with water: (S, Msb;) whether sweet or sour; no other milk being so called: (S:) but it occurs repeatedly in trads. as meaning milk absolutely: (TA:) pl. مِحَاضٌ. (K.) It is said in a trad. (بَارِكْ لَهُمْ فِى مَحْضِهَا وَمَخْضِهَا Do Thou bless them in their [the beasts'] pure milk and churned milk. (TA.) And in another, فَاعْمِدُوا

إِلَى شَاةٍ مُمْتَلِئَةً شَحْمًا وَمَحْضًا [And betake yourselves to a ewe, or she-goat,] fat, and abounding with milk. (TA.) [See also an ex. voce زُبْدٌ: and another voce صَرَّحَ.] b2: (assumed tropical:) Anything (Az, TA) pure, sheer, free from admixture, unmingled, unmixed, genuine, or clear; (Msb, TA;) that is not mixed with any other thing. (Az, Msb, TA.) You say, فِضَّةٌ مَحْضٌ, (K,) and مَحْضَةٌ, (A, K,) and ↓ مَمْحُوضَةٌ, (K,) (tropical:) Pure, unmixed, unalloyed, silver: (A, * K:) so says Sb: but you say, هٰذِهِ الفِضَّةُ مَحْضًا (tropical:) [This is silver in a pure state]; putting the last word in the accus. case, used as an inf. n. (TA.) And عَرَبِىٌّ مَحْضٌ (tropical:) An Arabian of pure, or unmixed, race, or lineage, or parentage: (S, A, Msb: *) [a genuine Arabian:] and the epithet is the same as fem. [and dual] and pl., (S, Msb,) accord. to the more approved usage; (Msb;) [for it is originally an inf. n.;] but you may, if you please, use the fem. and dual and pl. forms, as in the instances of [the synonymous epithets] قَلْبٌ and بَحْتٌ: (S:) and النَّسَبِ ↓ هُوَ مَمْحُوضُ (tropical:) he is pure, or unmixed, in race, or lineage, or parentage: (K, TA:) and الضَّرِيبَةِ ↓ مَمْحُوضُ (tropical:) rendered pure in nature, or disposition; (Az, O;) freed from faults or vices: (Az:) and مَحْضُ الحَسَبِ (tropical:) pure in grounds of pretension to respect: (TA:) and الحَسَبِ ↓ مَمْحُوضُ (tropical:) rendered pure therein: (O, K:) the pl. of مَحْضٌ thus used is مِحَاضٌ [a pl. of mult.] and أَمْحَاضٌ [a pl. of pauc.]. (TA.) You say also, أُحِبُّكَ حُبًّا مَحْضًا (tropical:) [I love thee with a pure, sincere, or true, love]. (A.) And مَحْضُ الإِيْمَانِ occurs in a trad. as meaning (tropical:) Pure faith or belief. (TA.) b3: Also, i. q. قَتٌّ [A kind of trefoil, or clover]. (IKtt) مَحِضٌ A man who loves [milk such as is termed] مَحْض; like as one says, شَحِمٌ لَحِمٌ, meaning one “ who loves fat and flesh meat: ” (O:) or one who eagerly desires مَحْض; as also ↓ مَاحِضٌ: (K:) each is a relative epithet; (TA:) or ↓ the latter signifies a possessor of مَحْض; (S, K;) similar to لَابِنٌ and تَامِرٌ: (S:) and the former, a drinker of مَحْض. (TA voce ثَفِلٌ, q. v.) مَاحِضٌ: see مَحِضٌ, in two places.

أُمْحُوضَةٌ (tropical:) True, or sincere, advice. (K, TA.) مَمْحُوضٌ: see مَحْضٌ, in four places.
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