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مخّخ العَظْمَ, (K,) and ↓ تمخّخهُ and ↓ امتخّهُ (S, K) and ↓ مَخْمَخَهُ, (K,) He extracted the marrow from the bone. (S, K.)

4 امخّ It (a bone) was, or became, marrowy; had, or contained, marrow in it. (S, K.)

b2: It (a camel, S, L, and a sheep or goat, L, K)

became fat: (S, L, K:) or became in the first stage of fatness; or in the last stage when becoming lean. (L.)

b3: امخّ (tropical:) It (a branch, or twig,) became sappy, and succulent. (L, K.)

b4: (tropical:) It (standing corn, K, or its grain, L)

became supplied with the farinaceous substance. (L, K.)

5 تَمَخَّّ see 1.

8 إِمْتَخَ3َ see 1.

R. Q. 1 see 1.

مَخٌّ i. q. لِينٌ Softness, &c.: or لَيْنٌ soft, &c. (So in different copies of the K.)

مُخٌّ The marrow (نِقْى, in the CK نَقِىّ,) of a bone; (K;) that which is in a bone; (S;) the substance which is extracted from a bone; (IDrd;) the greasy or oily substance which is in a bone: (Msb:) pl. مِخَخَةٌ (S, K) and مِخَاخٌ. (K.)

b2: [Any kind of pulp.]

b3: ↓ مُخَّةٌ is a more special term than مُخٌّ, (S,) signifying

A portion, or piece, of marrow. (L.)

b4: شَرٌّ مَّا يُجِيُؤكَ إِلَى مُخَّةِ عُرْقُوبٍ [It is an evil thing that compelleth thee to have recourse to the marrow of a hock]. A proverb. (S.) [See art. عرقب.]

b5: مُخٌّ also signifies (sometimes, S,) (assumed tropical:) The brain. (S, K.)

b6: Also, The bulb (lit. fat, شَحْمَة,) of the eye. (A, K.) Mostly

used in this sense in poetry. (TA.)

b7: Also, (tropical:) Good, profit, or advantage. Ex. لَا أَرَى

لِأَمْرِكَ مُخًّا I see no good, or profit, or advantage, [pertaining] to thy affair. (A.)

b8: Also, (tropical:) The purest, choicest, best, or most excellent, part of anything: (S, A, L, K:) and ↓ مُخَّةٌ (A, L) and ↓ مُخَاخَةٌ. (TA.) Ex. هٰؤُلَآءُ

مُخُّ القَوْمِ, and ↓ مُخَّتُهُمْ, (tropical:) These are the best of the people. (A.) And الدُّعَآءُ مُخُّ العِبَادَةِ (tropical:) Supplication is the purest, or best, part of religious worship, or devotion. (L, from a trad.) and هٰذَا مِنْ مُخِّ قَلْبِى, and ↓ مُخَّتِهِ, (tropical:) This [proceeds]

from the purest, or best, [affections] of my heart. (L.)

مُخَّةٌ: see مُخٌّ.

مَخِيخٌ A bone containing marrow. (K.)

b2: مَخِيخَةٌ A ewe, (L, K,) and a she-camel, (L,) having marrow in her bones. (L, K.)

b3: Also, the latter, (tropical:) An excellent she-camel: (TA:) pl. مَخَائِخُ. (K.)

مُخَاخَةٌ What one sucks from a bone; (L;)

what comes forth from a bone into the mouth of him who sucks it. (K.)

b2: See مُخٌّ.

مُمِخٌّ act. part. n. of أَمَخَّ.

b2: بَيْنَ المُمِخَّةِ

والعَجْفَآءِ [Between the fat she-camel or ewe, and the lean]. A proverb. (S, A, L.) Said of a thing which is of a middling sort. (A.)

b3: لِسَانٌ مُمِخٌّ A sharp, or ready, tongue, powerful to speak: and a tongue that intercedes well. (A.)

أَمْرٌ مُمِخٌّ (A, L, K) and ↓ مُمَخِّخٌ, (A,) A thing, or an affair, in which is excellence, and good: (A:) or, that benefits; syn. طَائِلٌ: (L:) but accord. to the K, long; syn. طَوِيلٌ. (TA.)

مُمَخِّخٌ: see مُمِخٌّ.
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