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1 مَرَثَ, (aor.

مَرُثَ, inf. n. مَرْثٌ, S,) He steeped dates in water, and mashed them (S, K) with the hand; (S;) syn. مَرَسَ: (S, K;) sometimes مَرَذَ is also used in this sense. (S.) b2: مَرَثَ, (aor.

مَرُثَ, inf. n. مَرْثٌ, TA,) He made a thing soft, (K,) so that it became of such a subsistence that it might be supped, and then supped it. (TA.) b3: مَرَثَ, (aor.

مَرُثَ, and مَرِثَ, inf. n. مَرْثٌ, TA,) He steeped, soaked, or macerated, a thing in water: (K:) he soaked bread in water; as also مَرَذَ. (Sh, As.) مَرَثَ He steeped medicine &c. in water until it became altered. (A.) b4: مَرَثَ, [aor. مَرُثَ,] He (a child, S,) mumbled, or bit softly, his finger: (S, K:) he (a child) bit with his gums: he (a child) bit and sucked a necklace, or string of beads, such as is called سَخَابٌ. (TA.) b5: مَرَثَ, aor. مَرُثَ, and مَرِثَ, (inf. n. مَرْثٌ, TA,) He [a child] sucked the kind of shells called cowries. (K.) b6: He sucked. (IAar.) b7: He (a child) sucked his mother's breast. (IAar.) b8: مَرِثَ, aor. مَرَثَ, (inf. n. مَرَثٌ, (IAar,) He was mild and forbearing, or clement; and patient in bearing altercation. (K, TA.) A2: مَرَثَ, [aor. مَرُثَ,] He beat, or struck, or smote, a man: (K:) or, accord. to A'Obeyd, مرَثَ بِهِ الأَرْضَ, and ↓ مرّث, he threw him, or flung him, upon the ground: or, accord. to Fr, the verb is مَرَنَ. (TA.) A3: مَرَثَ السَّخْلَةَ, aor. مَرُثَ, (L,) and ↓ مرّثها, He imparted to the lamb, or kid, a foul smell, of sweat, or grease, or the like, so that its mother would not take to it: (K:) he rendered it foul and greasy with his hand, so that its mother would not suckle it: (Ibn-Jo'eyl El-Kelbee:) he befouled it by stroking it with hands defiled by the smell of flesh-meat or fish, so that its mother would not take to it. (El-Mufaddal Ed-Dabbee.) b2: Also, مَرَثَ He defiled water, by putting into it his hands foul with flesh-meat, or grease, or the like. (TA, from a trad.) 2 مرّث, inf. n. تَمْرِيثٌ, He crumbled, or broke into small pieces, with his fingers. (K.) A2: See 1 in two places.

مَرِثٌ: see مِمْرَثٌ.

مَرْثَةٌ A single suck, by a child, of its mother's breast. (IAar.) مِمْرَثٌ Patient in bearing altercation: (S, K:) mild and forbearing, or clement: as also ↓ مَرِثٌ: (IAar, K:) pl. of the former, مَمَارِثُ. (S.) أَرْضٌ مُمَرَّثَةٌ A land watered by a weak rain, (K,) and so rendered soft, and dissolved. (TA.)
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