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1 مَرَجَ, aor. مَرُجَ, inf. n. مَرْجٌ, He (a beast of carriage) fed in a pasture. (Msb.) b2: مَرَجَ, (aor.

مَرُجَ, S,) inf. n. مَرْجٌ, He sent a beast of carriage to pasture: (S, K:) or left it [app. to pasture wheresoever it would]: (Kt:) he pastured it; (TA;) and so ↓ أَمْرَجَ: (Kt, K:) or the latter signifies he left it to go wheresoever it would [app. to pasture]. (TA.) A2: مَرَجَ, inf. n. مَرْجٌ, (tropical:) He mixed [a thing with another thing, or two things together]. (K.) b2: مَرَجَ البَحْرَيْنِ, [Kur., xxv., 55; and lv., 19,] (tropical:) He hath mixed the two seas, (Zj, K,) so that they meet together, the sweet and the salt, yet so that the salt does not overpass its bounds and mix itself with the sweet: (Zj:) or He hath sent them forth so that they afterwards meet together: but this is only said by the people of Tihámeh: (Fr:) or, as also ↓ أَمْرَجَ, (this latter form is used by some, Akh, S, and is the form used by the grammarians, TA,) He hath let them flow freely, yet so that one does not become mixed with the other: (S, K:) He hath made them flow. (IAar, with reference to the former verb.) b3: مَرَجَ, aor. مَرُجَ, (assumed tropical:) He marred, or spoiled, his affair. (TA.) b4: مرِجَ, aor. مَرَجَ, inf. n. مَرَجٌ, (tropical:) It (e. g. a deposit, S, and a covenant, and religion, TA) became corrupt; impaired; spoiled; marred; or disordered. (S, K.) b5: مَرِجَ, aor. مَرَجَ, inf. n. مَرَجٌ; (S, K;) and مَرَجَ; but the former is the more approved; (TA;) It (a ring, on the finger, S, and an arrow, TA) became unsteady; (S, K,) like جَرِجَ. (S.) b6: مَرِجَ, aor. مَرَجَ, inf. n. مَرَجٌ, (tropical:) It (religion, and an affair, S, and a covenant, TA) became in a confused and disturbed state, (S, K, TA,) so that one found it difficult to extricate himself from perplexity therein. (TA.) It (a covenant), was in a confused state, and little observed. (TA.) b7: مَرِجَ النَّاسُ The people became confused. (TA.) 4 أَمْرَجَ see 1, in two places. b2: امرجت She (a camel) ejected her embryo, (S, K,) or the seed of the stallion, (M,) in a state consisting of, (K,) or after its becoming, (S, M,) what is termed غِرْس [or matter resembling mucus] and blood. (S, M, K.) b3: امرج (tropical:) He violated a covenant, (K,) and religion. (TA.) مَرْجٌ A pasture, pasturage, pasture-land, or meadow; a place in which beasts pasture; (S, K, Msb, TA;) an ample tract of land abounding with herbage, into which beasts are sent to pasture: (T:) also a wide, open tract of land: (TA:) pl. مُرُوجٌ. (Msb.) هَرْجٌ وَمَرْجٌ; the latter being written thus, with the ر quiescent, only to assimilate it to the former; (S, K;) and signifying (tropical:) Confusion, and disturbance, in an affair or the like: (S, K:) or intricate disorder, discord, trouble, or the like. (L.) مَرَجٌ A camel, and camels, (or a beast, or beasts, TA,) pasturing without a pastor. (K.) مَرْجَانٌ, a coll. gen. n.; n. un. with ة; (L;) Small pearls: (AHeyth, T, S, K:) or the like thereof: or large pearls: (El-Wáhidee:) or coral, بُسَّذٌ, which is a red gem: or red beads; which is the meaning assigned to the word by Ibn-Mes'ood, and is agreeable with the common acceptation thereof; or, accord. to Et-Tarasoosee (or, as in the TA, Et-Turtooshee, and so correctly accord. to MF) certain red roots that grow up in the sea, like the fingers of the hand: [vulgarly pronounced مُرْجَان:] the ن is said to be an augmentative letter, because there is no Arabic word of the measure فَعْلَالٌ, except such as are reduplicative, like خَلْخَالٌ: but Az says, I know not whether it be a triliteral-radical word or a quadriliteral: (Msb:) IKtt asserts it to be of the measure فَعْلَالٌ. (TA.) b2: Also A leguminous plant that grows in the season called الرَّبِيع, (K,) rising to the height of a cubit, with red twigs, and broad round leaves, very dense, juicy, satisfying thirst, and having the property of making the milk of animals that feed upon it to become abundant: (TA:) n. un. with ة. (K.) أَمْرٌ مَرِيجٌ, (S, K,) and ↓ مَارِجٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) A confused affair, or case: (Zj., S, K:) or error: so the former signifies in the Kur, l., 5. (TA.) سَرَّاجٌ مَرَّاجٌ: see سَرَّاجٌ.

مَارِجٌ (tropical:) Mixture, syn. خَلْطٌ: (L:) [as though one of the few inf. ns. of the measure فَاعِلٌ, like قَائِمٌ: but it is said in the L to be a subst., like كَاهِلٌ and غَارِبٌ, and evidently signifies a mixture, or that which is mixed; syn. خِلْطٌ]. b2: مَارِجٌ مِنْ نَارٍ, as occurring in the Kur., [lv., 14,] (tropical:) A mixture (خِلْطٌ, L) of fire: (A'Obeyd:) or flame mixed with the black substance of fire: or flame of fire: (TA:) or fire without smoke, (S, K,) whereof was created El-Jánn, (S,) i. e., Iblees, the father of the Jinn, or Genii, (Bd, Jel,) or the Jinn collectively: (Bd:) or fire دون الحجاب, [app. meaning below the veil, or that which conceals the lowest heaven, and the angels, from the jinn, or genii, who when they attempt to overhear the conversation of the angels, are smitten by the angels pursuing them with thunderbolts,] of which the thunderbolts consists. (Fr.) b3: See مَرِيجٌ.

مِمْرَاجٌ: see مُمْرِجٌ. b2: Also, A man who mars, or spoils, his affairs, (K, TA,) and does not execute them soundly. (TA.) مُمْرِجٌ A she-camel ejecting her embryo, or the seed of the stallion, in a state consisting of, or after its becoming, what is termed غِرْس [or matter resembling mucus] and blood. (TA.) A camel that usually does so is termed ↓ مِمْرَاجٌ. (K.)
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