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1 مَرِحَتِ القِرْبَةُ, aor. مَرَحَ, inf. n. مَرَحَانٌ, The water-skin leaked, or let out its water through the punctures made in sewing it. (L.) b2: مَرِحَ السَّحَابُ The clouds poured forth rain. (L.) b3: مَرِحَ, (L,) inf. n. مَرَحَانٌ, (L, K,) He, or it, became weak. (L, K.) You say مَرِحَتْ عَيْنُهُ His eye became weak. (L.) Also, مَرِحَتْ عَيْنُهُ, inf. n. مَرَحَانٌ, His eye flowed much; (L, K;) and became in a corrupt, or vitiated, or disordered, state; (S, L, K;) and became inflamed, syn. هَاجَت: (S, L:) or poured forth tears: (L:) or shed many tears. (Sh.) b4: مَرِحَ, aor. مَرَحَ, inf. n. مَرَحٌ, (assumed tropical:) He exulted; or rejoiced overmuch, or above measure; or he exulted greatly, or excessively; and was exceedingly brisk, lively, or sprightly: (L:) or he exulted; or exulted greatly; or excessively; and behaved insolently and unthankfully, or ungratefully; syn. أَشِرَ and بَطِرَ: or he was very joyful or glad; (S, Msb;) and very brisk, lively, or sprightly: (S:) or he was joyful, or glad: (Msb:) or it signifies also, he became joyful, or glad, (K,) and light, (TA,) and the inf. n. in this sense is مَرَحَانٌ: (K, TA:) and he was brisk, lively, or sprightly. (K.) b5: مَرإحا, aor. مَرَحَ, (inf. n. مَرَحٌ, L,) (assumed tropical:) He was proud and self-conceited: and he walked with an elegant and a proud and self-conceited gait, with an affected inclining of his body from side to side. (L, K.) So in the Kur, xvii., 39; and xxxi., 17. (L.) [See also a verse cited voce صَاعٌ.]2 مرّح القِرْبَةَ, (inf. n. تَمْرِيحٌ, L,) (tropical:) He filled the water-skin with water in order that the punctures of the stitches might close up; i. q. سَرَّبَهَا. (S.) b2: Also, (tropical:) He rendered the water-skin sweet, when it was new, with إِذْخِر or with شِيح The rendering it sweet with loam or clay is termed تَشْرِيبٌ. (IAar.) b3: مرّح المَزَادَةَ (tropical:) He filled the مزادة with water, when it was new, in order that the punctures in it, made in sewing, might close up. (T, K.) b4: مرّح الجِلْدَ (assumed tropical:) He anointed the skin with oil. (K.) 4 امرحهُ He made him to exult, or rejoice above measure; and to be exceedingly brisk, lively, or sprightly: or made him to exult; or to exult greatly, or excessively; and to behave insolently and unthankfully, or ungratefully: (L:) or he made him to be very joyful or glad; and to be very brisk, lively, or sprightly: (S:) [&c.: see 1]. b2: امرحهُ It (pasture) made him (a horse) brisk, lively, or sprightly. (S, L, K. *) مَرَحٌ, a subst., The leaking of a water-skin, or its letting out its water through the punctures made in sewing it. (L.) You say ذَهَبَ مَرَحُ المَزَادَةِ The leaking of the مزادة has ceased, when the punctures made in sewing it become closed up. (L, A, K.) مَرِحٌ and ↓ مِرِّيحٌ (S, L, K) Exulting, or rejoicing overmuch, or above measure; and exceedingly brisk, lively, or sprightly: or exulting; or greatly, or excessively, exulting; and behaving insolently, and unthankfully, or ungratefully: (L, K: *) or very joyful or glad; and very brisk, lively, or sprightly: (S:) [&c.: see 1:] pl. (of the former, L) مَرْحَى and مَرَاحَى, and (of the latter, which has no broken pl.,) مِرِّيحُونَ. (L, K.) مَرْحَى A word that is said to one when he hits the mark in shooting or casting; (S, K;) expressing admiration; (S;) as also مَرَحَيَّا: (K:) [in the CK مَرَحَيًّا, which is wrong]) like as بَرْحَى is said to one who misses the mark. (S.) مَزَادَةٌ مَرِحَةٌ A مزادة that leaks, or does not retain its water. (AHan.) [See مَرِحَتِ القِرْبَةُ.]

مِرَاحٌ, subst. from مَرِحَ, (S, L, K,) Exultation, or joy, above measure; and exceeding briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness: or exultation; or great, or excessive, exultation; and insolent and unthankful, or ungrateful behaviour: (L, K: *) or great joy or gladness; and great briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness: (S:) [&c.: see 1].

مَرُوحٌ and ↓ مِمْرَاحٌ (S, K) and ↓ مِمْرَحٌ. (K.) A brisk, lively, or sprightly, horse, (S, L, K, *) and she-camel. (L.) b2: مَرُوحٌ Wine; so called because of its briskness in the vessel. (ISd, L.) عُقَارٌ مَرُوحٌ Wine that affects the head, and makes the drinker very joyful and brisk. (S.) b3: قَوْسٌ مَرُوحٌ (tropical:) A bow at the beauty of which the beholders rejoice exceedingly (K) when they turn it about and examine it: (TA:) or, as though it rejoiced exceedingly, or greatly, at the beautiful manner of its shooting the arrow. (S, K.) b4: طَرُوحْ مَرُوحْ تُعْجِلُ الظَّبْىَ أَنْ يَرُوحْ [A bow that sends the arrow far, that makes those who behold and examine it to rejoice exceedingly, that makes the antelope hasten to go]. A saying of the Arabs. (L.) مِرِّيحٌ: see مَرِحٌ.

مِمْرَحٌ: see مَرُوحٌ.

عَيْنٌ مِمْرَاحٌ (tropical:) An eye that sheds copious tears: (S, K:) an eye that is quick to weep. (TA.) See مَرُوحٌ.

تِمْرَاحَةٌ Very brisk or lively or sprightly; or exceedingly so. (IAth, L, from a trad.)
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