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1 مَرَخَ جَسَدَهُ, (S, K,) aor. مَرَخَ, (K,) inf. n. مَرْخٌ; (S;) and ↓ مرّخهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. تَمْرِيخٌ; (S;) He anointed his body (K) with oil (S, K) &c. (K.) And مَرَخَ إِدَاوَتَهُ He smeared with clay his إِدَاوَة [or small vessel of skin, for water,] in order that its odour might become good. (IAar, TA in art. ذرح.) 2 مَرَّخَ see 1.4 أَمْرَخَ امرخ He made dough, or paste, thin, (S, K,) by putting much water to it. (S.) 5 تمرّخ بِالدُّهْنِ He anointed himself with oil. (L.) مَرْخٌ [a coll. gen. n.] A certain kind of tree that quickly emits fire: (S, K:) it is of the kind called عِضَاه, and spreads, and grows high, so that people rest in its shade: it has neither leaves nor thorns, its branches being bare and slender twigs; and it grows in [small water-courses such as are termed] شُعَب, and in hard grounds: of it are made the wooden instruments for producing fire which are called زِنَاد: the n. un. is with ة (AHn, L) its shade is thin: (L:) there is no tree that surpasses the مرخ in yeilding fire: sometimes these trees are clustered and tangled together, and the wind blowing, and striking one part of them against another, they emit fire, and burn the valley: Aboo-Ziyád:) [the cynanchum viminale. (Spreng. Hist. rei. herb., p. 252: as mentioned by Freytag.)] It is said in a proverb, فِى كُلِّ شَجَرٍ نَارْ وَاسْتَمْجَدَ المَرْخُ وَالْعَفَارْ [In all trees is fire; but the markh and 'afár yield much fire]: (S:) accord. to AHn, the meaning is, endeavour to strike fire with gentleness; for that will be sufficient if the زِنَاد be مَرْخ. (L.) See also عَفَارٌ, and استمجد. The عفار is the زَنْد, which is the upper [piece of the two which compose the زَنَاد]; and the مَرْخ is the lower. (S, L.) [See also another proverb at the end of art. دفل.] b2: أَرْخِ يَدَيْكَ وَاسْتَرْخِ إِنَّ الزِّنَادَ مِن مَّرْخِ [Relax thy hands, and relax thyself, for the wooden instrument for striking fire is of markh]. A saying used with reference to a generous man who requires not to be importuned. (IAar, TA.) مَرِخٌ (K) and ↓ مِرِّيخٌ (L) A man who anoints himself much, (L, K,) and perfumes himself much. (TA.) مَرُوخٌ Oil, &c., with which the body is anointed. (K.) مِرِّيخٌ: see مَرِخٌ.

A2: A long arrow, having four feathers, (S, K,) with which one shoots to the utmost distance: (S:) or an arrow which they make for lightness, and which they mostly shoot to the utmost distance [to measure the ground] for the purpose of making horses run when they contend in a race. (Aboo-Ziyád.) b2: المِرِّيخُ, (S K,) and مِرِّيخٌ, without ال, which, however, is understood, (IAar,) [The planet Mars]; one of the stars called الخُنَّسُ, (S, K,) in the fifth heaven, (S,) also called بَهْرَامُ.
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