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1 مَزَجَ, (S, K,) aor. مَزُجَ, (L Msb,) [not مَزَجَ, as in the lexicons of Golius and Freytag,] inf. n. مَزْجٌ, (K, &c.,) He mixed, mingled, incorporated, or blended, (S, K,) a thing with (بِ) water; (Msb;) or beverage, or wine, (شَرَاب,) with something else. (S.) b2: مَزَجَ (tropical:) He exasperated, or irritated. (K.) مَزَجْتُهُ عَلَى صَاحِبِهِ I enraged him, and exasperated him, or irritated him, against his companion. (A.) 2 مزّج, inf. n. تَمْزِيجٌ, He gave. (K.) Ex.

مزّج السَّائِلَ He gave the beggar something. (ISh.) A2: مزّج, inf. n. تَمْزِيجٌ, It (an ear of corn, K, and a grape, TA,) became changed in colour from green to yellow. (T, K.) 3 مازجهُ, inf. n. مُمَازَجَةٌ, It mixed, mingled, commingled, intermixed, intermingled, or became incorporated or blended, with it; as some does with water. (TA.) A2: مازجهُ, (tropical:) He contended with him, or disputed with him, for glory, or honour, or glorious or honourable qualities, and the like. (K.) 8 تمازخا and ↓ امتزجا They two mixed, or mingled, or became mixed or mingled, each with the other. (TA.) 8 امتزج It was, or became, mixed with (بِ) another thing. (TA.) See 6.

شَرَابٌ مَزْجٌ i. q. ↓ مَمْزُوجٌ, Mixed mine, or beverage. (TA.) b2: See مِزْجٌ.

مِزْجُ شَىْءٍ, and ↓ مِزَاجُهُ, What is mixed, or mingled, with a thing; its admixture. (TA.) b2: الشَّرَابِ ↓ مِزَاجُ What is mixed with mine, or a beverage. (S, K.) الخَمْرِ كَافُورٌ ↓ مِزَاجُ [see Kur, lxxvi., 5,] The odour, not the taste, of the wine is [like] camphor. (TA.) b3: البَدَنِ ↓ مِزَاجُ [The constitution, or temperament, of the body;] the aggregate natural constituents (طَبَائِعُ) with which the body is composed; (S, K;) i. e. the four humours of the body; namely, black bile [السَّوْدَآءُ], yellow bile [الصَّفْرَآءُ], (المِرَّتَانِ), phlegm (البَلْغَمُ), and blood (الدَّمُ). (TA) Pl. أَمْزِجَةٌ. (Msb.) Yousay, ↓ هُوَ صَحِيحُ المِزَاجِ, and فَاسِدُهُ, He is of sound, and of unsound, constitution, or temperament: meaning the humours of the body. and أَمْزِجَةُ النِّسَآءِ مُخْتَلِفَةٌ The constitutions, or temperaments, of women are discordant, or various. (A.) b4: مِزْجٌ (As, K, &c.) and ↓ مَزْجٌ, (Az, S, &c.,) or the latter is erroneous, or a word of weak authority, (K,) Honey: (S, K:) or honey in the comb; syn. شَهْدٌ: (T:) so called because every sweet beverage is mixed with it. (AHn.) b5: Also, Water with which wine is mixed. (TA.) b6: مِزْجٌ The bitter almond; as also ↓ مَزِيجٌ: see لَوْزٌ (K:) but IDrd doubts of its correctness; and it is said to be correctly مُنْج [which is Persian]. (TA.) مِزَاجٌ: see مِزْجٌ.

مَوْزَجٌ A boot, (K,) worn by women: (A:) an arabicized word, (S, K,) from the Persian مُوزَهْ: (S:) pl. مَوَازِجَةٌ (because it is a foreign word, S) and مَوَازِجُ. (S, K.) مَزِيجٌ: see مِزْجٌ.

رَجُلٌ مَزَّاجٌ, and ↓ مُمَزِّجٌ; A man who continues not of one disposition, or temper, but varies in disposition, or temper: or a liar, who confounds, or confuses, things. (IAar.) مَمْزُوجٌ: see مَزْجٌ.

مُمَزِّجٌ: see مَزَّاجٌ.

طَبْعُ عُطَارِدَ مُتَمَزِّجٌ [The nature of the planet Mercury is various]. (A.)
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