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1 مَزَّ, [sec. pers. مَزُزْتَ aor. مَزُّ,] inf. n. مَزَازَةٌ, It had, or acquired, a taste between sweet and sour. (TA; but only the inf. n. of the verb in this sense is there mentioned.) AZ also mentions, as heard from the Kilábees, the saying, قَذْ مَزَّ شَرَابُكُمْ أَقْبَحَ المَزَازَةِ, and المُزُوزَةِ, as meaning, [Your beverage, or wine,] hath become very sour. (TA.)

A2: مَزَّهُ, (S, A, K,) aor. مَزُّ, (S,) inf. n. مَزٌّ, (S, TA,) [and accord. to one copy of the S, مَزَازَةٌ, but this I regard as a mistake of a copyist,] He sucked it; i. q. مَصَّهُ. (S, A, K.)

5 تَمَزَّّ [He sipped:] see 10 in art. دبر.

R. Q. 1 مَزْمَزَهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. مَزْمَزَةٌ, (S,) He put him, or it, in motion, or into a state of commotion; or shook him, or it; (S, K;) and moved him, or it, forwards and backwards: (S, TA:) or he put him, or it, in violent motion, or into a state of violent commotion; or shook him, or it, violently: (Mgh, art. تر; and TA:) as, for instance, a drunken man, in order that he might recover from his intoxication. (S, * TA.) See also تَرْتَرَهُ.

R. Q. 2 تَمَزْمَزَ He ate, and drank, what had a taste between sweet and sour. (TA.)

A2: He, or it, was, or became, put in motion, or in a state of commotion, or shaken, (K, TA,) and moved forwards and backwards: or in violent motion, or into a state of violent commotion, or shaken violently. (TA.)

b2: تَمَزْمَزَ لِلْقِيَامِ He raised himself, (K,) or put himself in motion, (TA,) to stand. (K, TA.)

مَزٌّ: see its fem. مَزَّةٌ.

مُزٌّ, applied to beverage, or wine, (S, K,) and to a pomegranate, (Lth, S, K,) Having a taste between sweet and sour: (Lth, S, K:) fem. with ة. (A.) AZ mentions its signifying Very sour beverage or wine; as heard from the Kilábees. (TA.) You say also خَمْرَةٌ مُزَّةٌ, meaning, Wine, or a wine in which is a taste between sweet and sour; said to be from mixing unripe and ripe dates [in making it]: (TA:) or wine in which is a sour taste, (S, K,) and in which is no goodness. (S.) See also مَزَّةٌ.

قَهْوَةٌ مَزَّةٌ Wine having a pleasant, delicious, or sweet, taste: (S, K, * TA:) so called because it bites, or burns, the tongue; (S, TA;) as also ↓ مُزٌّ, (K, TA,) which, however, is [not an epithet but] a subst.: (TA:) or the former signifies لذيذة المقطع [app. meaning having a pleasant sharpness, or acidity]: (so in the L, TA:) J says, that one should not say ↓ مِزَّةٌ, but this form is said to occur in one relation of a verse or El-Aashà. (TA.) See also مُزٌّ.

A2: Also مَزَّةٌ A single suck or sucking. (S, A, K.) It is said in a trad. لَا تُحَرِّمُ المَزَّةُ وَلَا المزَّتَانِ [The sucking once will not render marriage unlawful, nor will the two suckings], meaning, in drawing milk from the breast. (S.) [See a similar saying voce عَيْفَةٌ.]

مِزَّةٌ: see مَزَّةٌ.
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