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1 مَسَدَ, aor. مَسُدَ, (S, M, L,) inf. n. مَسْدٌ, (S, M, L, K,) He twisted a rope: (M, L, K:) or he twisted it well. (ISk, S, L.) b2: مَسَدَ, aor. مَسُدَ, (M, L,) inf. n. مَسْدٌ, (S, M, L, K,) He pursued a journey laboriously, or with energy; or he held on, or continued, the journey; syn. أَدْأَبَ السَّيْرَ, (S, M, L, K,) by night: (S, M, L:) or he journeyed on continually, whether by night or by day: (M, L:) because the so journeying renders an animal lean, or lank. (Lth, L.) b3: مَسَدَ, aor. مَسُدَ, [inf. n. مَسْدٌ,] (tropical:) It (leguminous herbage, A, or continued travel, Lth) rendered an animal lean, lank, light of flesh, slender, or lank in the belly. (Lth, A, L.) El-'Abdee says, describing a she-camel, and likening her to a wild bull, يَمْسُدُهُ القَفْرُ وَلَيْلٌ سَدِى

The bare and waterless desert renders him lean, &c., and dewy night. (L.) b4: مُسِدَ, inf. n. مَسْدٌ, (tropical:) It (the belly) was, or became, soft, of small dimensions, even, and without any ugliness. (M, L.) b5: The following expression of Ru-beh, يَمْسُدُ أَعْلَى لَحْمِهِ وَيَأْرِمُهُ means (tropical:) It (the milk of camels) strengthens the upper parts of his flesh, (referring to a pastor, not to an ass, as J says, IB, L,) and renders it, firm. (L.) b6: حَسَنَةُ المَسْدِ, applied to a damsel, (tropical:) i. q. مَمْسُودَةٌ, q. v. (S, L.) مَسَدٌ The fibres that grow at the roots of the branches of the palm-tree; syn. لِيفٌ: (S, A, L:) you say حَبْلٌ مِنْ مَسَدٍ a rope, or halter, of those fibres: (S, A:) also, مَسَدٌ alone signifies a rope of those fibres: (S, M, L, K:) or, of those of the [kind of palm-tree called] مُقْل: (Zj, L, K:) or, of the leaves of the palm-tree: or, of the soft hair of the camel: (S, M, L: [see an ex. voce زَاهِقٌ:]) or, of other hair: or, of wool: or, of hides: (M, L:) or, of camels' hides: (S, L:) or, of plants: or, of the bark of a tree: (L:) or, of any thing: (M, L, K:) or a plaited rope, firmly twisted, (M, L, K,) of any of the materials above mentioned: (M, L:) applied to a rope, it is for مَمْسُودٌ; and is thus similar to نَفْضٌ, meaning ما نُفِضَ: (L:) pl. أَمْسَادٌ and مِسَادٌ. (M, L, K.) حَبْلٌ مِنْ مَسَدٍ in the Kur, cxi., last verse, is said to mean A chain seventy cubits in length, whereby the woman upon whose neck it is to be put shall be led into hell, (Zj, T, M, L,) firmly twisted of iron; as though it were a rope of iron strongly twisted. (L.) b2: مَسَدٌ مُغَارٌ (tropical:) A back compact like a rope strongly twisted. (M, L.) b3: مَسَدٌ An iron axis of a pulley. (M, L, K.) مِسَادٌ, a dial. form of مِسْأَبٌ; (S, L, K;) i. e., A skin for clarified butter: and one for honey: (S, M, L:) a black skin for wine &c. (AA, L.) سَاقٌ مَسْدَآءُ (tropical:) An even, and a goodly, or beautiful, shank. (M, L.) مَمْسُودٌ (tropical:) A man of well-turned, compact, and slender, make; syn. مَجْدُولُ الخَلْقِ; (S, L, K;) i. e., light of flesh; or tall and slender; or of goodly stature; syn. مَمْشُوقٌ; as though twisted; (TA:) a belly soft, of small dimensions, even, and having in it no ugliness. (M, L.) مَمْسُودَةٌ, applied to a damsel; (S, K;) the same as the masc. applied to a man; (L, K;) slender; or light of flesh; or tall and slender; or of goodly stature: (L, M:) and, applied to a woman, compact in make; of well-knit frame. (L.)
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