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1 يُمْسِكُ الرَّمَقَ : see art. رمق.2 مَسَّكَ بِالنَّارِ : see ثقّب.4 أَمْسَكَ He retained; he withheld. (Msb.) b2: He maintained: he was tenacious, or niggardly. b3: He, or it, held fast a thing: and arrested it. b4: أَمْسَكَهُ He held, retained, detained, restrained, stayed, confined, imprisoned, or withheld, him. (K.) b5: أَمْسَكَ عَنِ الأَمْرِ He held, refrained, or abstained, from the thing. (Msb.) b6: أَمْسَكَهُ He grasped it, clutched it, laid hold upon it; or seized it, (بِيَدِهِ (قَبَضَ عَلَيْهِ with his hand: (Msb:) or he took it; or took it with his hand, (أَخَذَهُ,) namely, a rope, &c.: (Mgh:) or he held, or clung, to it: (TA:) [as also تَمَسكَ ↓ بِهِ]. Also, أَمْسَكَ بِهِ signifies [the same; or] he laid hold upon, or seized, somewhat of his body, or what might detain him, as an arm or a hand, or a garment, and the like: but أَمْسَقَهُ may signify he withheld him, or restrained him, from acting according to his own free will. (Mugh, art. بِ.) b7: أَمْسَكَ بَطْنَهُ [It bound, or confined, his belly (or bowels)]: said of medicine. (S, O, Msb, K; all in art. عقل.) b8: الإِمْسَاك, in relation to تَحْجِيل: see an unusual application of it in art. طلق, conj. 4.5 تَمَسَّكَ see 4 and 8. b2: تَمَسَّكَ بِحَبْلِهِ He held fast by his covenant: see أَعْصَمَ.6 تَمَاسَكَ He withheld, or restrained, himself: (PS:) he was able, or powerful; as also تَمَالَكَ, q. v. (KL.) b2: مَا تَمَاسَكَ أَنْ فَعَلَ كَذَا He could not restrain himself from doing so; syn. مَا تَمَالكَ. (S.) b3: تَمَاسَكَ It held together. b4: إِنَّهُ لَذُو تَمَاسُكٍ (assumed tropical:) Verily he possesses intelligence. (TA.) and مَابِهِ تَمَاسُكٌ (tropical:) There is no good in him. (TA.) See مُسْكَةٌ.8 اِمْتَسَكَ بِهِ He clutched, or griped, him, or it; i. q. بِهِ ↓ تَمَسَّكَ. (MA.) 10 اِسْتَمْسَكَ البَطْنُ [The belly (or bowels) became bound, or confined]. (TA in art. عقل.) b2: اِسْتَمْسَكَ بِهِ [sometimes] He sought to lay hold upon it. (Bd, in ii. 257.) b3: اِسْتَمْسَكَ: see an ex. voce صِرْعَةٌ.

مِسْكٌ [Musk: it is obtained from the muskdeer, moschus moschiferus; being found in the male animal, in a vesicle near the navel and prepuce.] It is masc. and fem. (IAmb, TA voce ذَكِىٌّ.) مَسَكٌ Tortoise-shell; syn. ذَبْلٌ: (K:) bracelets made of tortoise-shell (ذَبْلٌ), or of عاج [ivory]: (S, Msb:) bracelets and anklets made of horn and of عاج: n. un. with مُسْكَةٌ. (K.) مُسْكَةٌ Intelligence: (Msb:) or full intelligence, (K, TA,) and judgment; judgment and intel-ligence to which one has recourse; as also مُسْكٌ, not ↓ مَسِيكٌ, as in the K; (TA;) i. q. تَمَاسُكٌ. (Mgh.) You say, لَيْسَ لَهُ مُسْكَةٌ He has no intel-ligence. (Msb.) b2: لَيْسَ بِهِ مُسْكَةٌ He has no strength. (Msb.) مُسْكَانٌ : see art. سكن.

مِسَاكٌ or مَسَاكٌ A kind of needles: see مِدَادٌ.

مَسِيكٌ : see مُسْكَةٌ.

مَسَّاكاتٌ [in the CK, art. روض, written مُسّاكات,] Places, in land, or in the ground, to which the rain-water flows, and which retain it. (TA.) See ضَابِطَةٌ.

مُمْسَكٌ , said of a horse, white on both fore and kind leg on the same side: see مُحَجَّلٌ.

مُتَمَاسِكٌ Compact in the limbs, (TA in art. بدن,) or flesh. (TA in this art.)
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