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ى1 مَشَى He walked, went, or went along; (MA, KL;) [in its primary sense] He went any pace upon his feet, afoot, or on foot; he footed; whether quickly or slowly: (Mgh, Msb:) he removed from place to place at pleasure: (Er-Rághib:) walked; went along, marched; travelled; trod; paced; stepped. See 5. b2: مَشَى also signifies He went on, or continued, in his course of action, &c. (Mughnee voce أَنْ, in explanation of this verb as used in Kur xxxviii. 5.) b3: [مَشَى (assumed tropical:) It (money) passed; was, or became, current. b4: (assumed tropical:) It (a calumny) was, or became, current. See مِئْبَرٌ.] b5: مَشَى بَنْطُهُ [His belly became moved, or in motion; it discharged itself.] (S, K, art. طلق; &c.) 2 مَشَّىَ see 4.3 مَاشَاهُ He walked, or went on foot, with him: he kept pace with him. See an ex. voce الأَحْصَّانِ.4 أَمْشَىَ الدَّوَآءُ بَطْنَهُ (A, K, art. حدر,) [The medicine moved, or purged, his bowels; made his belly to discharge itself:] and البَطْنَ ↓ مَشَّى. (TA, art. طوس, &c.) 5 تَمَشَّى i. q. مَشَى: (TA:) [or, properly, and accord. to general usage, he walked with slow steps: so I have rendered it voce دَلَفَ, &c.:] he walked heavily, with an effort. (TK voce تَزَحَّفَ.) [One says in the present day, خَرَجْتُ

أَتَمَشَى I went forth taking a walk; and تَمَشَّى He walked; walked about.] b2: [Hence the saying,] تَمَشَّتْ فِيهِ حُمَيَّا الكَأْسِ [The intoxicating influence of the cup of wine pervaded him, or] crept in him. (TA.) See also تَفَشَّى.6 تَمَاشَوْا They walked, or went on foot, one towards, or to, another. (TA.) 10 اِسْتَمْشَى بِالدَّوَآءِ [He used the medicine as a laxative or purgative. (IbrD.)] (Az in L, art. عقر.) b2: اِسْتَمْشَى بِهِ, referring to a plant, (K in art. صع,) He drank its water (i. e. infusion or the like) for moving the bowels. (TA ibid.) مَشَّآءٌ [That goes with energy; a good or strong goer;] strong to walk, or go, or go on foot. (TA voce رِجِيلٌ.) دَوَآءُ المَشِىِّ Medicine that moves, or purges, the bowels. (TA in art. طوس.) مَاشِيَةٌ A she-camel having numerous offspring. (S, Mgh.) b2: Hence, and مَوَاشٍ, as ominous of good, Camels, and cows, and sheep or goats that are for breeding and gain. (Mgh.) مَمْشَى A passage, or way, by a place; (TA;) [a walking-place: the gangway of a ship?]
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