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ى1 مَضَى and ↓ تَمَضَّى i. q. تَقَدَّمَ [He advanced, proceeded, &c.]. (M.) b2: مَضَى He, or it, passed; passed away; went; or went away. (S, M, Msb, K.) b3: [He went on.] b4: مَضَى لَهُ, said of time: see تَسْهِيمٌ. b5: [مَضَى فِى سَيْرِهِ He advanced, or pressed onward, with a penetrative energy or force, or a sharpness and effectiveness, in his pace.] b6: مَضَىَ الأَمْرُ, and القَوْلُ, (assumed tropical:) The command, or order, and the saying, was effectual; had effect; was, or became, executed, or performed; syn. نَفَذَ. (Msb, art نفذ.) b7: مَضَى فِى الأَمْرِ (assumed tropical:) He acted [or went on, and did so] with penetrative energy, or with sharpness, vigour, and effectiveness, in the affair; syn. نَفَذَ. (S, M, K.) See مَاضٍ فِى الأُمُورِ, below; and جَسَرَ. b8: مَضَى عَلَى الأَمْرِ He executed, performed, or accomplished, the affair; as also ↓ أَمْضَاهُ: (S:) and he kept, or applied himself, constantly, or perseveringly, to it. (Msb.) b9: مَضَيْتُ على بَيْعِى and ↓ أَمْضَيْتُهُ I effected, or executed, my sale. (K.) b10: مَضَى It (a sword) cut; (M, K;) penetrated; was sharp.4 أَمْضَاهُ [(assumed tropical:) He made it (i. e., a contract, sale, oath, &c.) to take effect; executed it; performed it.] b2: أَمْضَى الأَمْرَ: see مَضَى عَلَى الأَمْرِ. b3: أَمْضَى اليَمِينَ He made the oath to be unconditional, without exception, absolutely or decisively or irreversibly binding. (TK voce جَزَمَ.) See جَزَمَ. b4: أَمْضَى عَهْدَهُ (assumed tropical:) He made his covenant, or contract, or the like, to have, or take, effect; executed or performed it. (L, art. نفذ.) b5: أَمْضَى رَأْيًا He formed, or gave, a decided opinion. b6: أَمْضَى He signed a writing with his name, and so rendered it effective. b7: See 1.5 تَمَضَّىَ see 1.

مَاضٍ فِى الأُمُورِ [(assumed tropical:) Penetrating, sharp, energetic, or acting with penetrative energy, or vigorous, and effective, in the performing of affairs: like شَحْشَحٌ, q. v. b2: مَاضٍ is coupled with the epithets مَاهِرٌ and جَادٌّ, &c., and implies penetration and skill, or proficiency in anything;] excelling, or surpassing, in doing, or performing, a thing: (KL from the “ Destoor ”:) [it is also coupled with جَرِىْءٌ and مُتَقَدِّمٌ, in the T, art. جهر. See also نَافِذٌ, its syn.] b3: أَمْرٌ مَاضٍ (assumed tropical:) A command, or an order, that is effectual; that has effect; that is executed, or performed; syn. نَافِذٌ. (L, art. نفذ.) b4: فَرَسٌ مَاضٍ (assumed tropical:) A sharp, spirited, vigorous horse [&c.]; contr. of بَلِيدٌ; (Lth, TA, voce نَدْبٌ;) exerting, or having, a penetrative energy, &c.: see مَضى. b5: كَانَ ذٰلِكَ فِى الزَّمَنِ المَاضِى That was in the time that is past; contr. of المُسْتَقْبَل. (TA.) إِمْضَاءٌ A signature.

تِمْضَآءٌ One who performs affairs with energy and perseverance: an intensive epithet: see صَمَيَانٌ.
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