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1 مَعِرَ, [aor. مَعَرَ, inf. n. مَعَرٌ,] said of a man, (S,) and of the head, and of the tail, (TA,) His or its hair fell off; (S, TA;) as also ↓ تمعّر, said of the head: (TA:) and the former said of the head, its hair became little, or scanty. (TA:) and مَعِرَتْ, said of the forelock, (النَّاصِيَة, K,) or of that of a horse, (TA,) it lost all its hair: (K:) and مَعِرَ, said of a solid hoof, it lost the hair that hung down upon it from the fore part of the pastern. (TA.)

b2: مَعِرَ, (A, K,) aor. مَعَرَ, (K,) inf. n. مَعَرٌ, (S, TA,) said of hair, (S, A, K,) and of plumage, and the like, (K,) It fell off; (S, A;) as also ↓ تمعّر, said of hair: (S, A:) or it became little, or scanty; as also ↓ أَمْعَرَ: (K:) and, said of a finger-nail, or toe-nail, (tropical:) it came out, or fell out, (A, K,) in consequence of something befalling it, or hurting it. (K.) See مَعَرَّةٌ in art. عر.

b3: [Hence,] مَعِرَ, (TA,) or مَعِرَ مِنْ مَالِهِ, (A,) (tropical:) He became poor; (A, TA;) as also ↓ أَمْعَرَ, (S, A,) inf. n. إِمْعَارٌ; (TA;) or the latter, he became poor, and his travelling-provisions failed or became exhausted; as also ↓ معّر, inf. n. تَمْعِيرٌ. (K.)

b4: [Hence also,] الأَرْضُ ↓ أَمْعَرَتِ (tropical:) The land became destitute of herbage: or its herbage became little, or scanty: (K:) contr. of أَمْرَعَت. (IKtt.)

2 مَعَّرَ see 1.

4 أَمْعَرَ see 1, in the three places.

b2: أَمْعَرْنَا (tropical:) We came upon a land destitute of herbage: (A, TA:) or we found dearth, scarcity, drought, or sterility: (TA:) and امعر القَوْمُ the people became afflicted with dearth, scarcity, drought, or sterility. (TA.)

A2: امعرت المَوَاشِى الأَرْضَ (tropical:) The beasts pastured upon the land, (i. e., its trees or herbs, TA,) and left no pasturage in it. (TS, L, K.)

b2: امعرهُ (assumed tropical:) He despoiled him of his property, (K, TA,) and reduced him to poverty. (TA.)

5 تَمَعَّرَ see 1, in two places.

مَعِرٌ A man, (S,) and a head, (A,) whose hair is falling off, or has fallen off; (S, A;) as also ↓ أَمْعَرُ and ↓ مُتَمَعِّرٌ: (A:) or having little hair; (TA;) as also ↓ أَمْعَرُ: (S:) and the first and second, a camel's foot (خُفّ) of which the hair (both شَعَر and وَبَر) has gone: and ↓ مَعْرَآءُ, a forelock (نَاصِيَة, K, or that of a horse, TA,) of which all the hair has gone. (K.)

b2: Hair, and plumage, and the like, little in quantity, or scanty; as also ↓ أَمْعَرُ: and the latter, hair falling off. (K.)

b3: [Hence,] (tropical:) A man who is niggardly, or avaricious, having little beneficence; (K;) unpropitious, mean, and hard, or difficult. (TA.)

b4: (assumed tropical:) A man having little flesh. (TA.)

b5: قَاعٌ مَعِرٌ, and أَرْضٌ مَعِرَةٌ, (tropical:) A plain, and land, destitute of herbage: (A:) or the latter, accord. to Yaakoob, land having little herbage: and ↓ مَكَانٌ أَمْعَرُ a place having little herbage. (S.)

أَمْعَرُ: fem. مَعْرَآءُ: see مَعِرٌ, throughout.

A2: Also, of a solid hoof, (assumed tropical:) The hair that hangs down upon it (K, TA) from the fore part of the pastern: because it has a disposition to fall off. (TA.)

مُتَمَعِّرٌ: see مَعِرٌ.
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