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1 مَلِصَ, (S, M, A, K,) aor. مَلَصَ, (S, K,) inf. n. مَلَصٌ, (S, M,) It (a thing, S, M, or a rope, Lh, M, A, and a bridle, Lh, M,) slipped; (S;) or fell, slipping; (K;) or got loose or free, or escaped, and slipped [away]; (A;) or slipped out by reason of its smoothness; (M;) from one's hand; (S, M, A;) as also ↓ إِمَّلَصَ, and ↓ تملّص: (M:) or ↓ انملص, (S, K,) also written إِمَّلَصَ, (S,) signifies it (a thing, Lth, S,) escaped, or got loose or free, (Lth, S,) from one's hand, after having been seized or grasped: (Lth:) and [in like manner] ↓ تملّص, it, and he, (a thing, S, or a rope, TA, and a man, S, A,) became safe or secure or free, or escaped, (S, A, K,) from one's hand. (TA.) You say, مَلِصَتِ السَّمَكَةُ مِنْ يَدِى and ↓ انملصت The fish escaped and slipped from my hand. (A, TA.) And مَا كِدْتُ مِنْ فُلَانٍ ↓ أَتَمَلَّصُ I hardly escaped, or became secure, from such a one. (S, A. *) b2: He went back, or retreated, fleeing; as also مَلِزَ, inf. n. مَلَزٌ. (TA.) A2: مَلَصَهُ He set it loose, or free. (TA.) b2: مَلَصَ بِسَلْحِهِ Alvum dejecit: (K:) so says Ibn-'Abbád: but in the Tekmileh, مَلَصَ بِسَهْمِهِ he shot his arrow. (TA.) 4 املص, (K,) inf. n. إِمْلَاصٌ, (TA,) It (a thing) made, or caused, to slip. (K.) b2: Hence, (TA,) املصت جَنِينَهَا, (Mgh, TA,) or بِجَنيِنِهَا, (Abu-l-'Abbás, TA,) or بِوَلَدِهَا, (S,) or املصت [alone], (M, A, K,) She (a woman, S, M, A, Mgh, and a camel, M, TA) brought forth her fœtus, or offspring, prematurely, (S, M, A, Mgh,) or dead: (K:) i. q. أَزْلَقَتْ بِهِ and أَسْهَلَتْ بِهِ and حَطَأَتْ بِهِ. (Abu-l-'Abbás, TA.) b3: املص also signifies He (a man) became poor, needy, or indigent. (TA.) 5 تَمَلَّصَ see 1, in three places.7 انملص and امّلص: see 1, in three places; and see 7 in art. دلص.

مَلْصٌ (tropical:) Naked: [in the present day commonly preceded by عُرْيَان (vulgarly pronounced عَرْيَان), and with it signifying stark naked:] as though become divested of his clothes like a rope that is become divested of its villous coating. (TA.) مَلِصٌ A thing that slips out from one's hand by reason of its smoothness; as also ↓ مَلِيصٌ and ↓ أَمْلَصُ: (M:) a rope from which the hand slips, (S, K,) not being able to keep hold of it; (S, TA;) as also ↓ مَلِيصٌ. (TA.) You say, سَمَكَةٌ مَلِصَةٌ (M, A) A fish that slips from the hand by reason of its smoothness: (M:) or that gets loose or free, or escapes, and slips [away]: (A:) or, accord. to AA, (TA,) المَلِصَةُ signifies الأَطُومُ مِنَ السَّمَكِ [app. meaning a kind of thick-skinned fish]. (K, TA.) مَلِيصٌ: see مَلِصٌ, in two places: b2: and see مُمْلَصٌ, in two places.

أَمْلَصُ: see مَلِصٌ. You say also, رَجُلٌ أَمْلَصُ الرَّأْسِ, i. e. أَبْلَطُهُ [app. meaning A smooth-headed man.] (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) b2: Also, Tender; or soft. (TA.) مُمْلَصٌ Brought forth prematurely; as also ↓ مَلِيصٌ: (M, TA:) an abortion. (TA.) Yousay, أَلْقَتْ وَلَدَهَا مُمْلَصًا She cast her young one prematurely; (TA;) as also ↓ مَلِيصًا and مَلِيطًا. (K, TA.) مُمْلِصٌ A woman, and a she-camel, (M,) that brings forth her offspring prematurely, (M,) or dead: (K:) pl. مَمَالِيصُ, with ى. (M, TA.) مِمْلَاصٌ A woman, and a she-camel, (M,) that usually brings forth her offspring prematurely, (M,) or dead.. (K.) [Several points of resemblance, and some of exact agreement, will be observed between this art. and art. ملس.]
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