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1 مَالَ [He, or it, inclined, leant, bent, propended, tended, declined, deviated, or deflected.]

b2: مَالَ مَعَهُ and ↓ مَايَلَهُ He conformed with, and assisted, or aided, him. (TA.) b3: مَالَ إِلَيْهِ He loved him. (TA.) b4: He wronged him. (TA.) He was, or became, inimical to him. b5: مَالَتِ الدَّابَّةُ مِنْ رِجْلِهَا (K, art. غمز,) i. q. ظَلَعَتْ [It limped]. (TA.) 2 مَيَّلَ بَيْنَ شَيْئَيْنِ He wavered, or vacillated, between two things. (S, MA.) See 10.3 مَايَلَهُ He inclined towards him reciprocally: and مَايَلَا they two inclined each towards the other. (TK, art. هود.) See also مَالَ مَعَهُ in 1.5 تَمَيَّلَ See 6. b2: تَمَيَّلَ بِالقَوْلِ He vacillated in the saying: see تَرَجَّحَ.6 تَمَايَلَ فِى مِشْيَتِهِ [He affected an inclining of his body, or a bending, or he inclined his body, or bent, from side to side, in his gait; a meaning well known, and still common]; (S;) syn. تَثَنَّى. (Har, p. 269.) b2: See تَزَايُغٌ. b3: تَمَايَلَتْ فِى

مِشْيَتِهَا and ↓ تَمَيَّلَتْ signify the same. (TA.) b4: تَمَايَلَ إِلَى الشَّىْءِ; and عَنْ طَرِيقِهِ: i. q. تَجَانَفَ [He affected a deviation, or purposely deviated from his course, &c.] (TA in art. جنف.) 10 استمالهُ

, and استمال بِقَلْبِهِ, (S, K,) He inclined him, and his heart. (K.) b2: اِسْتَمَالَهُ He attracted him to himself; or sought to make him incline. (MA.) b3: استمال is a quasi-pass. of ↓ مَيَّلَهُ. (K, * TA.) مِيلٌ as used by the Arabs, [A mile:] The distance to which the eye reaches along land: accord. to the ancient astronomers, three thousand cubits: accord to the moderns, four thousand cubits: but the difference is merely verbal; for they agree that its extent is ninety-six thousand digits; [about 5166 English feet;] each digit being the measure of six barley-corns, each placed with its belly next to another; but the ancients say that the cubit is thirty-two digits; which makes the mile three thousand cubits. (Msb, which see for more.) See also مُطْلِبٌ b2: ميِلٌ i. q.

مُلْمُولٌ, [A style]. (K.) مَيْلٌ Inclination; leaning; bent; propensity; tendency.

مَيَلٌ A natural wryness. (S.) مِيلَانِ (?) of a مَحَالَة of a well: see ثِنَايَةٌ.

مَيَّالٌ [i. q.

مُتَمَايِلٌ, Inclining much]. (A, art. فيد.) See سَيَّالٌ.

أَمْيَلُ Swaying on horseback: see an ex. of its pl. مِيلٌ in a verse cited voce أَشْعَلَ. b2: عِمَّةٌ مَيْلَآءُ: see قَفْدَآءُ.

امالةُ الأَلِفِ The inclining of the sound of ا when quiescent, after fet-hah, towards the sound of ى; so that the fet-hah, with that ا, composes a sound the same as that of the long “ e ” in the English word “ there. ” This is accordant with present usage; and I have not found any learned Arab who asserts otherwise. See also نَابٌ, and حَجَّاجٌ, and مَشُوبٌ.
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