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1 نَبَثَ, aor. نَبُثَ, inf. n. نَبْثٌ; (and ↓ انتبث, K;) i. q. نَبَشَ; (AZ, S, K;) i. e., He dug with the hand. (AZ, S.) b2: نَبَثَ, aor. نَبُثَ, inf. n. نَبْثٌ, He took forth, or dug out, dust, or earth, from a well or a river. (L.) b3: نَبَثُوا عَنِ الأَمْرِ (tropical:) They searched, or sought, for, or after, the thing; inquired respecting it; sought for information respecting it; searched into, inquired into, investigated, scrutinized, or examined, it. (TA.) A2: نَبَثَ, [aor. نَبُثَ,] inf. n. نَبْثٌ, (tropical:) He was angry. (K.) 6 تَنَابَثُوا عَنِ الأَسْرَارِ (tropical:) They searched into each other's secrets. (A.) 8 انتبث: see 1. b2: He took; received into his hand. (K.) b3: He tucked up the skirts of his shirt, or the like, when sitting on the ground. (K.) b4: It (سَوِيق or the like) increased in size (رَبَا) in the water: (K:) as also انتبذ. (TA.) 10 استنبث أَخَاهُ عَنْ سِرِّهِ (tropical:) He examined his brother respecting his secret. (A.) نَبَثٌ A trace, vestige, or mark: (K:) a trace, or mark, of digging: (A:) pl. أَنْبَاثٌ. (TA.) b2: مَا رَأَيْتُ لَهُ عَيْنًا وَلَا نَبَثًا I saw not the man himself, or the thing itself, nor any trace of him, or it. (L.) b3: See نَبِيثٌ.

نَبِيثٌ The dust that an animal digs up with its feet in running. (IAar.) b2: ↓ نَبِيثَةٌ (S, K) and نَبِيثٌ and ↓ نَبَثٌ (L) The dust, or earth, that is taken forth, or dug out, from a well or a river: (S, L, K:) pl. of the first, نَبَائِثُ. (A.) b3: نَبِيثٌ and ↓ مَنْبُوثٌ Earth, or dust, taken forth, or dug out, from a well or a river. (L.) b4: سَبُعٍ ↓ نَبيثَةُ Flesh-meat buried by a beast of prey against the time of want. (IAth, from a trad.) A2: نَبِيثٌ A species of sea-fish; accord. to IAar; but it is also said, on his authority, that it is called يَنْبِيثٌ; therefore it seems that one of these two words is a mistake for the other, or that they are two dial. forms. See also بَيْنِيثٌ, in art. بنث. (TA.) A3: خَبِيثٌ نَبِيثٌ (tropical:) Very bad, evil, wicked, or corrupt: (K:) applied to a man: (TA:) the latter word is an imitation sequent to the former. (S, and some copies of the K.) A4: أَبْدَى نَبِيثَةَ القَوْمِ, and نَبَائِثَهُمْ, (tropical:) [He revealed the elicited secret of the people, and their elicited secrets]. (A.) b2: بَيْنَهُمْ شَحْنَآءُ وَنَبَائِثُ (tropical:) [Between them are enmity and secrets elicited]. (A.) نَبِيثَةٌ: see نَبِيث.

أَنْبُوثَةٌ A certain game (played by children, TA,) in which something is buried in a hole dug in the ground, and he who takes it forth wins the game. (K.) مَنْبُوثٌ: see نَبِيثٌ.

ظَهَرَتْ مَنَابِثُهُمْ وَلَمْ تَخْفَ خَبَائِثُهُمْ (tropical:) [The occasions for the scrutiny of their conduct appeared, and their evil qualities were not hidden]. (A.)
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