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1 نَتَحَ, aor. نَتِحَ, inf. n. نَتْحٌ, He, or it, sweated. (L.) b2: نَتَحَ, aor. نَتِحَ, inf. n. نَتْحٌ and نُتُوحٌ, It (a leathern vessel, or skin,) sweated, or exuded moisture, (S, L,) as when a skin sweats with the butter that is in it. (L.) b3: نَتَحَ, aor. ??, inf. n. نَتْحٌ and نُتُوجٌ, It (sweat) exuded (S, L, K) from the skin, (L, K,) or from the roots of the hair; (T, L;) and grease, from a skin; and moisture, from the soil. (L, K.) b4: [And said of moisture, It percolated: see an ex. voce عَرِقَ.] b5: فُلَانٌ يَنْتِحُ نَتِيحَ الحَمِيتِ (tropical:) [Such a one sweats like a butter-skin]: said of one who is fat. (A.) b6: تَنَحَتْ ذِفْرَى البَعِيرِ عَرَقًا The camel's protuberance behind his ear dripped with sweat, by reason of his journeying during a vehemently hot summer-day. (L.) b7: نَتَحَتِ الدُمُوعُ, inf. n. نَتْحٌ, (assumed tropical:) The tears flowed. (MF.) b8: نَتَحَهُ It (heat, L, K, and some other thing, L,) made him to sweat. (L, K.) [Its aor. seems to be يَنْتَحُ; and MF thinks that, in an instance which follows, it may be written with ا after the ت by poetic licence.] F observes, that J has fallen into three errors with respect to اِنْتَاحَ; [saying that الاِنْتِيَاحُ (in the place of which is put, in some copies of the S, الاِنْتِتَاحُ, as is mentioned in the TA,) is like النَّتْحُ, and citing these words of Dhu-r-Rummeh, describing a camel making his voice to reciprocate in the شِقْشِقَة, رَقْشَآءُ تَنْتَاحُ اللُّغَامَ المُزْبِدَا first, because the root of the present art. is sound, so that الانتياح has no place in it; secondly, because this word has no meaning (in this art. TA); and thirdly, because the [correct] reading is تَمْتَاحُ, meaning “ casts forth ” the froth of the mouth. Neither IB nor IM has animadverted on J in this case. MF, however, observes, that one relation of a verse &c., does not impugn the correctness of another relation that differs from it; and that perhaps the ن of تنتاح is a substitute for م; such substitution being frequent; [as in the case of إِنْتَتَحَ;] or that the ا is what is termed أَلِفُ إِشْبَاعٍ, and added for the sake of the metre. (TA.) 8 اِنْتَتَحَ: see اِمْتَتَحَ, in art. متح.

نَتْحٌ Sweat. (K.) b2: See what follows.

نُتُوحٌ The gums of trees: (S, K:) one should not say نُتُوعٌ, (S,) as is commonly said: (TA:) it is doubtful whether its sing. be نَتْحٌ, or of some other form. (MF.) نِحْىٌ نَتَّاحٌ A butter-skin that sweats much. (A.) مِنْتَحَةٌ The podex.: or the anus: syn. إِسْتٌ. (L, K.) يَنْتُوحٌ A certain bird, (L, K,) bald-headed, found in sandy tracts. (L.) مَنَاتِحُ العَرَقِ The pores through which the sweat exudes. (S.)
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