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1 نَثَّ, [aor. نَثِّ,] inf. n. نثٌّ, It (a bone) distilled, or let flow, the oily matter that was in it: (TA:) [as also مَثَّ]. b2: نَثَّ, aor. نَثِّ, inf. n. نَثِيثٌ (S, K,) and نَثٌّ; (S;) and ↓ نَثْنَثَ; (K;) It (a skin) exuded (S, K) the clarified butter that was in it: like مَثَّ. (TA.) b3: وَأَنْتَ تَنِثُّ نَثِيثَ الحَمِيتِ (accord. to one reading, نَثَّ الحميت, TA) and thou sweatest like the butter-skin. (S, from a trad.) b4: نَثَّ, aor. نَثِّ, inf. n. نَثِيثٌ, He sweated by reason of fatness, and appeared as though he were anointed: as also مَثَّ: (TA:) or he sweated by reason of his bigness, and his abundance of flesh. (A'Obeyd.) b5: نَثَّ, (so in the TA,) [aor. نَثُّ,] or ↓ نَثْنَثَ, (so in the K,) He wiped his hand (K) with a napkin: as also مَثَّ. (TA.) b6: نَثَّ, [aor. نَثُّ,] He anointed a wound: as also مَثَّ. (TA.) b7: نَثَّ, aor. نَثُّ, (S, M, L, K,) and نَثِّ, (M, L, K,) the latter [which deviates from a constant rule] thought by MF to be a mistake, he not knowing any authority for it except the K, and disallowed by the T, (TA,) inf. n. نَثٌّ; (S;) and ↓ نثّث, inf. n. تَنْثِيثٌ; (TA;) He divulged, (S, K,) or spread, dispersed, disseminated, (TA,) news, tidings, or information, (K,) or what was talked of: (S, TA:) like بَثَّ: or he spread what should rather be concealed than spread. (TA.) [See also نَثَا.]2 نَثَّّ see 1.

R. Q. 1 نَثْنَثَ He sweated much. (K.) b2: See 1.

نَثٌّ A wall (حَائِط) that is moist, or damp, (K,) and flaccid. (TA.) كَلَامٌ غَثٌّ نَثٌّ [Very bad, or corrupt speech]: نثّ is here an imitative sequent to غثّ. (K.) نِثَاثٌ Ointment with which a wound is anointed. (K.) نَثِيثَةٌ The moisture exuded by a skin, such as is called زِقٌّ or سِقَاءٌ. (K.) نَثَّاثٌ and ↓ مَنَثٌّ [A man who is in the habit of divulging, or spreading, dispersing, or disseminating, news, tidings, or information, or what is talked of, or what should rather be concealed]. (Th.) نَاثٌّ One who traduces the Muslims behind their backs, but saying of them what is true, and mentioning their vices, or faults: pl. نُثَّاثٌ: (AA:) [the pl. only is mentioned in the K, and explained as signifying persons who traduce others behind their backs, but saying of them what is true].

مَنَثٌّ: see نَثَّاثٌ.

مِنَثَّةٌ A small portion of wool with which one anoints (K) a wound. (TA.)
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