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1 نَجَثَ, aor. نَجُثَ, inf. n. نَجْثٌ; and ↓ تنجّث; (TA;) and ↓ انتجث and ↓ استنجث; (K;) He extracted, drew out, or caused to come forth, (K, TA,) a thing: apparently more especially used with reference to what is talked of, or news, tidings, or the like. (TA.) b2: نَجَثَ عَنْهُ, aor. نَجُثَ, (and ↓ نجّث, inf. n. تَنْجيثٌ, TA,) and ↓ تنجّث; He searched, or sought, for, or after, it; inquired respecting it; sought for information respecting it; searched into, inquired into, investigated, scrutinized, or examined, it; i. e. an affair. (As.) b3: نَجَثَ قَبْرًا, [aor. نَجُثَ,] inf. n. نَجْثٌ, He dug up the contents of a grave. (TA, form a trad.) A2: فُلَانٌ يَنْجُثُ بَنِى

فُلَانٍ, (inf. n. نَجْثٌ, L,) Such a one seduces, misleads, or leads astray, (يَسْتَغْوِى, Fr, S, K, or, accord. to A'Obeyd, يَسْتَعْوِى, with the unpointed ع, i. e., summons, by a cry, to sedition, or the like, S,) and implores aid of, the sons of such a one. (Fr, S, K.) [See 10 in art. عو.]5 تنجّث الأَخْبَارَ He searched, or sought, for, or after, news, or tidings. (TA.) [See also 1.]6 تَنَاجَثُوا [They revealed secrets, one to another]: تَنَاجُثٌ signifies the same as تَبَاثٌّ, (K,) and تَبَاحُثٌ. (TA.) b2: تَنَاجَثُوا [They searched, investigated, scrutinized, or examined, together]: تَنَاجُثٌ signifies the same as تَبَاحُثٌ. (TA.) نجى 8 انتجث He, or it, became inflated. (K.) b2: انتجث His fatness became apparent. (K.) One says انتحثت الشَّاةُ The ewe became fat. (TA.) b3: See also 1.10 استنجث شَيْئًا He exposed himself to a thing; or ventured upon it: (S, K, TA:) he devoted himself eagerly to it, and set about it, or commenced it. (TA.) b2: See also 1.

نُجْثٌ and ↓ نُجُثٌ A coat of mail; syn. دِرْعٌ. (K.) b2: Also, (or ↓ نُجُثٌ, S,) The pericardium; syn. غِلَافُ القَلْبِ: (S, K:) pl. أَنْجَاثٌ. (S.) b3: The house (بَيْت) of a man: pl. أَنْجَاثٌ. (K.) نَجِثٌ: see نَجَّاثٌ.

نُجُثٌ: see نُجْثٌ.

نَجِيثٌ (tropical:) A hidden secret. (K.) b2: See بَحِيثٌ. b3: بَدَا نَجِيثُ القَوْمِ The secret of the people, which they concealed, became apparent, or revealed. (Fr, S.) b4: أَتَانَا نَجِيثُ القَوْمِ The affair of the people, which they kept secret, came to our knowledge. (TA.) b5: See نَجِيْثَةٌ.

A2: نَجِيثٌ What attains its utmost aim (ما بلغ), of praise, or of an encomium. (TA.) b2: نَجِيثٌ A butt at which one shoots, or casts, consisting of earth collected together: (S, K:) or earth that is taken forth, and of which a butt is constructed, to shoot at, or cast at. (TA.) b3: أَمْرٌ لَهُ نَجِيثٌ An affair that has an evil end, conclusion, issue, or result. (TA.) A3: نَجِيثٌ A certain leguminous plant. (K.) A4: نَجِيثٌ Slow; tardy. (K.) [See لَبِيثٌ.]

نَجِيثَةٌ (and ↓ نَجِيثٌ, TA) The dust, or earth, that is taken forth, or dug out, from a well; (S;) i. q. نَبِيثَةٌ. (S, K.) b2: نَجيثَةٌ What has become apparent, or manifest, of that which is foul, or disgraceful, of news, tidings, or information. (S, K.) A2: نَجِيثَةٌ Endeavour; effort: (K:) as also نَكِيثَةٌ. (TA.) So in the phrase بُلِغَتْ نَجِيثَتُهُ [His utmost endeavour, or effort, was exerted, or employed]. (K.) نَجَّاثٌ and ↓ نَجِثٌ One who is in the habit of searching, or seeking, for, or after, things; of inquiring respecting them; of seeking for information respecting them; searching into, inquiring into, investigating, scrutinizing or examining, them: (K:) a man who searches after news, diligently, or with labour, or perseverance, or time after time, and elicits it; (As;) as also نَجَّاثٌ عَنِ الأَخْبَارِ. (TA.)
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