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5 تَنَسَّمَ شَيْأً He sought, or endeavoured to get. or attain, a thing, with labour and perseverance: i. q. تَطَلَّبَهُ. (IbrD.) b2: تَنَسَّمَ الخَيَرَ He sought, searched, or inquired, for, or after, the news. or tidings; (MA, KL;) [as though endeavouring to scent it;] so that he elicited it. (TA.) نسم من الطريق , denoting nearness and shortness of the way. see نبق and مُسْتَعْجِلَةٌ.


: see نَسِيمٌ.

نَسَمَةٌ A soul; syn. نَفْسٌ, with sukoon: and نَسَمٌ souls; syn. نُفُوسٌ. (Msb.) b2: A man. (K.) نَسِيمٌ A gentle wind; a gentle gale: a breeze. b2: The commencement of any wind before it becomes strong: (AHn, M:) or a pleasant wind: (S:) or the breath of the wind: (Msb:) or the breath of the wind when weak; as also ↓ نَسَمٌ: or a wind from which comes a weak breath: pl. of both أَنْسَامٌ. (M.) b3: بَارِدُ النَّسِيمِ (tropical:) One who chills people: see ثَقِيلٌ. b4: نَسِيمٌ Odour, scent, sweet or disagreeable: see رَائِحَةٌ.

نَيْسَمٌ i. q.


مَنْسِمٌ The sole (بَاطِن) of the خُفّ: or, to a camel, the same as the سُنْبُك to the horse; (Msb;) [i. e., the toe, or nail, or edge of the fore part of the foot, of a camel: see ظُفُرٌ:] the extremity of the خُفّ of the camel and ostrich and elephant, and of the solid hoof: or each of the two nails (ظُفْراَنِ) of the camel, that are upon [each of] his fore-feet: or it is, to a she-camel, like the ظُفْر to a man: (M:) or the خُفّ of the camel, (S, K,) and of the ostrich. (As, S.) b2: [Also, (assumed tropical:) The toe of a human being: see a verse cited voce جَذَا, art. جذو.]

نسو and نسى 1 see 6.6 تَنَاسَاهُ He pretended that he had forgotten it: (S, KL, * TA:) and (TA) he forgot it; (MA, KL, * TA;) like ↓ نَسِيَهُ: (TA:) [or] he constrained himself to dismiss it from his mind. (MA.) b2: تُنُوسِىَ It (a word or the like) was forgotten by degrees. (Occurring often in the larger Lexicons.) النَّسَا [vulg. عِرْقُ النَّسَا, app. The sciatic vein;] the portion, in the thigh, of the vein (عِرْق) which, in the back, is called the وَتِين, and which extends to the shank, where it is called the صَافِن: (IAth, TA, voce أَبْهَرُ:) or the صاَفِن and عرق النسا are two branches of one عِرْق [or vein]: (Ibn-Seenà, vol. i. book iii. p. 608: [where the opening of each of these to let blood is mentioned:]) [in a solid-hoofed animal,] النسا is a vein (عِرْق) proceeding from the hip, or haunch, lying within each thigh, then passing by the hock, so as to reach the hoof: when the breast is fat, each of its thighs becomes cleft by two large portions of flesh, and the نسا runs between them, and is apparent. (S.) [In the present day it seems to be applied by some to the sciatic nerve: and عِرْقُ النَّسَا, as also النَسَا alone, often signifies sciatica, or hip-gout: see نِقْرِسٌ and also شَنِجٌ.

مُنْسِيهَا for مَنْسِئِهَا: see a verse cited voce عُقْبَةٌ.
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