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1 نَشَّ, aor. نَشِّ, (A, TA,) inf. n. نَشِيشٌ (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K) and نَشٌّ, (TA,) It (said of water, S, Mgh, Msb, K, and of other things, S, K, such as wine, and flesh-meat, TA) made a sound in boiling, estuating, or fermenting: (S, Mgh, Msb, K:) and it (anything) made a sound like that of boiling, estuating, or fermenting; or of beginning to do so: and it (water) made a sound in pouring forth. (TA.) You say also, نَشَّتِ القِدْرُ, (TA,) inf. n. نَشِيشٌ; (IDrd, K;) and ↓ نَشْنَشَت, (TA,) inf. n. نَشْنَشَةٌ; (IDrd, K;) The cooking-pot made a sound in boiling: (IDrd, K:) or began to boil, and so made a sound. (TA.) And نَشَّ المَاءُ فِى

كُوزٍ جَدِيدٍ [The water made a sound in a new earthen mug]: (A:) or نَشَّ الكُوزُ الجَدِيدُ فِى المَآءِ The new [earthen] mug made a sound in the water. (Mgh.) And الدِّرْعُ ↓ نَشْنَشَ The coat of mail made a sound, (K,) or clinking. (Fr.) b2: Also, It (wine, A, Mgh, or the beverage called نَبِيذ, TA,) estuated, or fermented: (A, Mgh, TA:) or نَشِيشٌ signifies the beginning to estuate, or ferment, of the first of expressed juice [of grapes or dates &c.]. (TA.) b3: نَشَّتِ اللَّحْمَةُ, inf. n. نَشٌّ, The piece of flesh-meat dripped. (Sh, from certain of the Kilábees.) A2: Also نَشَّ, aor. نَشِّ, inf. n. نَشِيشٌ (S, K) and نَشٌّ, (TA,) said of a pool of water left by a torrent, Its water began to sink into the earth: (S, K:) or its water dried up, and sank into the earth. (TA.) It (water upon the surface of the ground) dried up. (TA.) It (a full-grown unripe date) lost its moisture. (TA.) A3: نَشَّ الدُّهْنَ بالرَّيْحَانِ [aor., app., نَشُّ,] He infused the oil, or other ointment, with perfume, by boiling it with sweet-smelling plants until it made a sound in boiling. (TA.) [See also سَلِيخَةٌ.]

A4: نَشَّ الذُّبَابَ [aor., accord. to analogy, نَشُّ, but vulgarly, in the present day, نَشِّ,] He drove [or whisked] a way the flies. (TA.) R. Q. 1 نَشْنَشَ, see 1. in two places. See also شِنْشِنَةٌ.

نَشٌّ The half of an أُوقِيَّة [or ounce]; (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K;) i. e., twenty dirhems; (S, Msb, K;) the اوقيّة being forty dirhems; (S, Msb;) and five dirhems being called نَوَاةٌ: (S:) or the weight of a date-stone (نواة) of gold: or the weight of five dirhems: or the quarter of an اوقيّة: (TA:) and the half of anything; (IAar, Sh, Az, Mgh, Msb;) as, for instance, of a dirhem, and of a cake of bread. (IAar, Sh, Az, Mgh.) نَشَاشَةٌ: see نَشَّاشَةٌ.

أَرْضٌ نَشِيشَةٌ and ↓ نَشْنَاشَةٌ Salt land that produces no herbage. (IDrd, K.) سَبَحَةٌ نَشَّاشَةٌ, (S, A, K,) and ↓ نَشَاشَةٌ, (Az, TA,) A tract of salt land of which the moisture [or, as in a copy of the A, the earth,] does not dry up, nor its pasture, or herbage, grow: (A, K:) or what appears of the water of salt lands, and begins to sink therein, so that it becomes salt. (S.) نَشْنَاشَةٌ: see نَشِيشَةٌ.

مَنَشُّ السَّاحِلِ The part of the shore of a sea or great river from which the water has retired. (A.) مِنَشَّةٌ [A fly-whisk;] a thing with which the flies are driven a way. (TA.) دُهْنٌ مَنْشُوشٌ Oil, or other ointment, infused with perfume, (K, TA,) by boiling it with sweetsmelling plants until it makes a sound in boiling. (TA) [See also سَلِيخَةٌ.]
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