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1 نَضَدَ, aor. نَضِدَ, (S, K, &c.,) inf. n. نَضْدٌ; (S, L, Msb;) and ↓ نضّد, (L, K,) inf. n. تَنْضِيدٌ; (S, L;) or the latter has an intensive signification; (S, L;) He put goods, household-goods, or commodities, (مَتَاع, S, L, K,) one upon another: (S, L, Msb, K:) or put, or set, them together, (T, A, L,) in regular order, or piled up: (A:) both verbs signify the same: (L, K:) or the latter, he put them one upon another [or side by side] compactly. (S, L.) b2: [You say,] نَضَدْتُ اللَبِنَ عَلَى المَيِّتِ [I placed the crude bricks in order against the corpse, to support it; as it is laid upon its right side, or so inclined that the face is towards Mekkeh]. (L.) 2 نضّد, inf. n. تَنْضِيدٌ, He [God] made a person's teeth to be disposed in regular order. (A.) b2: See 1.5 تنضّدت الأَسْنَانُ The teeth were disposed in regular order. (A.) 8 انتضد, [quasi-pass. of 1, It was put, or set, one part upon, or beside, another, in regular order; was piled up, or became piled up]. (K, art. فقر.) b2: انتضد (tropical:) It (a people, A) remained, stayed, abode, or dwelt, in a place; (A, K;) and collected there. (A.) نَضَدٌ Goods, household-goods, or commodities, put one upon another: (S, L, K:) or, put, or set, together, (A, L,) in regular order, or piled up: (A:) or the best thereof: (L, K:) or such things in general: but the first meaning is the most appropriate: (L:) pl. أَنْضَادٌ. (S, L.) b2: رَأَيْتُ نَضَدًا مِنَ الثِّيَابِ والفُرُشِ I saw a number of garments, or pieces of cloth, and of beds, or the like, put together in regular order, or piled up. (A.) b3: See نَضِيدَةٌ. b4: نَضَدٌ A couch-frame, or a raised couch, (سَرِير,) upon which goods, householdgoods, or commodities, are put one upon another, (S, L, K,) or put, or set, together, in regular order, or piled up: (A, L:) or simply, a couchframe, or raised couch; (سرير;) so called because the things so termed are generally put upon it: (L, Msb:) or a مِشْجَب, or a thing resembling this, upon which garments and household-goods are put, one upon another, or together. (L.) b5: نَضَدٌ (tropical:) Glory; honour; dignity; might; or power; (A;) eminence; or nobility. (K.) b6: نَضَدٌ (tropical:) Eminent; or noble: (L, K:) applied to a man: pl. أَنْضَادٌ. (L.) b7: Also, (A, L,) and the pl., (S, A, L,) (tropical:) A man's paternal and maternal uncles (S, A, L) preëminent in nobility. (S, L.) b8: Also, the pl., (tropical:) The party, or company, (L, K,) and number, (A, L, K,) and auxiliaries, or assistants, (A,) of a people, (L, K,) or of a man: (A:) and the sing. and pl., companies, or congregated bodies, of men. (A.) b9: نَضَدٌ (tropical:) A fat she-camel; (K;) likened to a couch-frame, or a raised couch, upon which are the things termed نَضَد; (TA;) as also ↓ نَضُودٌ. (K.) b10: أَنْضَادٌ, of mountains, Stones, such as are called جَنَادِل, one upon another. (S, L, K.) Also, of clouds, Portions piled up, one above another: (S, L, K:) sing. نَضَدٌ. (L.) نَضُودٌ: see نَضَدٌ and نَضِيدٌ.

نَضِيدٌ and ↓ مَنْضُودٌ (Msb, K,) and ↓ مُنَضَّدٌ, [or the last has an intensive signification, as is shewn above,] Goods, household-goods, or commodities, (K,) put one upon another: (Msb, K:) [or put, or set, together, in regular order, or piled up: and the last, put one upon another, or side by side, compactly: see 1]. b2: طَلْعٌ نَضِيدٌ, in the Kur, [l. 10.] Spadices of palm-trees [having their flowers] compacted, or compactly disposed; (L;) yet in their envelopes; (Fr, L;) for when they have come forth therefrom they cease to be نضيد. (L.) b3: ↓ طَلْحٌ مَنْضُودٌ, in the Kur, [lvi. 28,] Gum-acacias having fruit or leaves closely set, one above another, from bottom to top, without their trunks being apparent below. (L.) b4: شَجَرُ الخَنَّةِ نَضِيدٌ مِنْ أَصْلِهَا إِلَى فَرْعِهَا The trees of paradise are closely set with leaves and fruit, one above another, from bottom to top, without having trunks apparent: (L, from a trad.:) and similarly ↓ نَضُودٌ (Jel, lvi. 20.) نَضِيدَةٌ A pillow: and any stuffed article of household furniture: (L, K:) pl. نَضَائِدُ: and ↓ نَضَدٌ is used as a coll. n. (L.) مَنُضُودٌ: see نَضِيدٌ.

دُرٌّ مُنَضَّدٌ Pearls arranged, or put together, in regular order. (A.) b2: See نَضِيدٌ.
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