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1 نَعَجَ, aor. نَعُجَ, inf. n. نَعَجٌ (S, K) and نُعُوجٌ, (K,) a verb similar to طَلَبٌ, (S, K,) aor. نَعُجَ, inf. n. طَلَبٌ; (S;) so in the handwriting of J; (IB;) or, with reference to a colour, نَعِجَ, aor. نَعَجَ, inf. n. نَعَجٌ, a verb like صَخِبَ, aor. نَعَجَ, inf. n. صَخَبٌ: (accord-to an insertion in a copy of the S read to IB, TA, [and so in one of M. Fresnel's copies of the S, and in a copy in my possession, and so in the L, in which both forms of the verb are given,]) He, or it, [a colour,] was of a clear, or pure white. (S, L, K.) A2: نَعِجَ, aor. نَعَجَ, inf. n. نَعَجٌ, He (a man, Az, or a camel, S) became fat: (T, S, K:) said by AA to occur in a poem of Dhu-r-Rummeh, but not found in his poetry by Sh, who deems it strange: Az, however, confirms it by the authority of an Arab of the desert; and adds, that it signifies he (a man) became fat and in good condition: and he increased, and became swollen, or inflated: and نَهِجَ is said to signify the same. (TA.) b2: نَعِجَ, aor. نَعَجَ, inf. n. نَعَجٌ, He (a man, S) became heavy in the stomach (القَلْب) from eating mutton. (S, K.) A3: نَعَجَتْ فِى سَيْرِهَا, (inf. n. نَعْجٌ, L.) She (a camel) was quick, or swift, in her pace: (S, L:) she went with a certain pace: (L:) a dial. form of مَعَجَتْ. (S.) 4 أَنْعَجَ القَوْمُ The people's camels became fat. (S, K.) نَعِجٌ [and ↓ أَنْعَجُ] Of a pure white colour: (L:) [pl. of the latter نُعْجٌ]. b2: نِسَآءٌ نُعْجُ المَحَاجِرِ دُعْجُ النَّوَاظِرِ [Women of a clear white colour in the parts around the eyes; intensely black and wide, in the eyes]. (A.) A2: نَعِجٌ A man heavy in the stomach (القَلْب) from eating mutton: pl. نَعِجُونَ. (S, TA.) نَعْجَةٌ, (S, K,) and ↓ نِعْجَةٌ, accord. to a reading of El-Hasan, وَلِى نِعْجَةٌ وَاحِدَةٌ, [Kur, xxxviii. 22,] (TA,) A ewe; the female of the sheep: (L, K:) also, the female of the wild bull: and, of the gazelle: and, of the wild sheep: (TA:) [but see below:] pl. نِعَاجٌ and نَعَجَاتٌ. (S, K.) b2: نَعْجَةُ الرَّمْلِ The [wild] cow: pl. نِعَاجُ الرَّمْلِ: no other wild animal but the cow (accord. to A 'Obeyd, S,) is thus called: (S, K:) [but see above]. The Arabs speak of gazelles as though they were goats, terming the male تَيْسٌ; and of wild bulls or cows as though they were sheep, terming the female نَعْجَةٌ. (AAF.) b3: Also نَعْجَةٌ (tropical:) A woman; as likewise شَاةٌ. (TA.) نِعْجَةٌ: see نَعْجَةٌ.

نَاعِجٌ A camel of beautiful colour, and highly esteemed. (TA.) نَاعِجَةٌ A she-camel of beautiful colour: (TA:) or a white she-camel, (S, K,) of generous race: (TA:) a swift she-camel: a she-camel upon which one hunts wild cows: (S, K:) such is of the kind called مَهْرِيَّةٌ: (IJ:) or one that is light, or active: (TA:) pl. نَوَاعِجُ. (S.) b2: نَاعِجَةٌ also A woman of beautiful complexion, or colour. (TA.) A2: أَرْضٌ نَاعِجَةٌ Plain, or even, land, (S, K,) fertile, and producing the kind of tree called رِمْث. (Aboo-Kheyreh.) أَنْعَجُ: see نَعِجٌ.
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