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1 نَعِمَ عَيْشُهُ His life was, or became, plentiful and easy: (Msb:) was, or became, good, or pleasant. (Mgh.) See عَوْفٌ. b2: نَعِمَ, aor. نَعُمَ

, is like فَضِلَ, aor. نَعُمَ

, and حَضِرَ, aor نَعُمَ

. See the latter. b3: اِنْعِمْ ضَبَاحًا, and عِمْ صَباحًا: see تَرِبَ and صَبَاحٌ. b4: نَعُمَ, inf. n. نُعُومَةٌ; (S, Msb;) and نَعِمَ; (S;) It was, or became, soft, or tender, (S, Msb,) to the feet. (Msb.) 2 نَعَّمَهُ , (S, Msb, K,) and ↓ نَاعَمَهُ, (S, K,) He (God, S, Msb,) made him to enjoy, or lead, a plentiful, and a pleasant or an easy, and a soft, or delicate, state, or life; a state, or life, of ease and plenty. (S, Msb, K.) b2: نَعَّمَهُ He nourished well him, or it; pampered him.3 نَاْعَمَ see 2.4 أَنْعَمَ عَلَيْهِ بِشَىْءِ He conferred, or bestowed, upon him a thing as a favour. See أَحْسَنَ. b2: أَنْعَمَ عَجْنَهُ He kneaded it well, thoroughly, or soundly. (TA, voce رَيْعٌ.) b3: أَنْعَمَ الدَّقَّ He bruised or powdered finely: see دَقَّقَ. b4: أَنْعَمَ طَبْخَهُ He cooked it well; syn. أَجَادَ طَبْخَهُ. (IbrD.) The verb is often used in this sense. b5: أَنْعَمَ اللّٰهُ بِكَ عَيْنًا: see أَبْغَضَ.5 تَنَعَّمَ he enjoyed, or led, an easy, a pleasant, a soft, or a delicate, life, with ampleness of the means of subsistence; a life of ease and plenty. (K.) b2: تَنَعَّمَ It (a tree) became flourishing and fresh, (TK, art. روى, &c.,) luxuriant, succulent, sappy, soft, tender, and supple. See رَوِىَ. b3: تَنَعَّمَ i. q. تَمَتَّعَ. (Msb. *) نُعْمٌ contr. of بُؤْسٌ, (S,) [like ↓ نَعْمَآءُ and ↓ نُعْمَى and ↓ نَعْمَةٌ and ↓ نَعِيمٌ:] pl. أَنْعُمٌ. (S.) See نِعْمَةٌ.

نَعَمْ Even so; yes; yea. (Msb, &c.) See أَجَلْ and بَجَلْ.

نَعَمٌ Pasturing مَال [or cattle]; mostly applied to camels, and neat, and sheep and goats: or applied to all these, and to camels when alone, but neat and sheep or goats when alone are not thus termed; (Msb;) therefore, cattle, consisting of camels or neat or sheep or goats, or all these, or camels alone.

نِعْمَ الرَّجُلُ زَيْدٌ Excellent, or most excellent, or excellent above all, is the man, Zeyd; or [very or] superlatively good, &c. (Msb.) b2: See بئْسَ.

نَعْمَةٌ subst. of تَنَعُّمٌ (Msb, K) in the sense of تَرَفُّةٌ subst. of تَمَتُّعْ (Msb:) or i. q. b2: تَنَعُّمٌ: (S: in F's smaller copy, تَنَعِيمٌ, an evident mistake:) i. e. plentifulness, and pleasantness or easiness, and softness or delicacy, of life: ease and plenty. b3: نَعْمَةٌ A living in [or rather enjoyment of a life of] softness, daintiness, or delicacy, and ease, comfort, or affluence: (KL:) i. q. ↓ نَعِيمٌ; (Msb;) and مُتْعَةٌ: (Jel in xliv. 26:) it is from التَّنَعُّمُ; and ↓ نِعْمَةٌ is from الإِنْعَامُ. (Ksh, cited in Kull, p. 364.) See نِعْمَةٌ: and see تُرْفَةٌ. b4: نَعْمَةُ الشَّباَبِ [The flourishing freshness, softness, tenderness, or blooming loveliness or graces, of youth. See عَبْعَبٌ.] b5: نَعْمَةٌ Softness; tenderness; bloom; or flourishing freshness (IbrD;) of a branch; and of youth, or youthfulness. (M, art. ملد; &c.) نِعْمَةٌ and ↓ نُعْمَى and ↓ نَعْمَآءُ A benefit; benefaction; favour; boon; or good: (S, Msb:) a blessing; [bounty; gratuity;] or what God bestows upon one: and so ↓ نَعِيمٌ: (S:) [grace of God:] and ↓ نَعِيمٌ and ↓ نَعْمَةٌ, with fet-h, [and ↓ نُعْمَى and ↓ نَعْمَآءُ and ↓ نُعْمٌ, ease and plenty,] enjoyment; (Msb;) [welfare; well being; weal:] ↓ نُعْمَى and ↓ نَعْمَآءُ are the contr. of بُؤْسَى and بَأْسَآءُ: (TA, art. بأس:) بَعْدَ ضَرَّآءَ ↓ نَعْمَآءُ, in the Kur [xi. 13,] is like health after sickness; and richness, or competence, after want. (Bd.) b2: نِعْمَةٌ A blessing; (S;) a cause of happiness. (K.) A favour: a benefit; and the like. (S.) b3: نِعْمَةٌ Wealth, or property. (K.) The first explanations given to it above are assigned in the K, not to this word, but to ↓ نَعِيمٌ and ↓ نُعْمَى. b4: نِعْمَةٌ with the article seems generally to signify Wealth: and without the article, A benefit, benefaction, favour, boon, or blessing.

نُعْمَةٌ The act of rejoicing by a thing: and the state of rejoicing in a thing. (KL.) نُعْمَى contr. of بُؤْسَى; (S, TA in art. بأس;) and نَعْمَآءُ contr. of بَأَسَآءُ. (TA in that art.) b2: See نِعْمَةٌ.

نَعْمَآءُ : see نِعْمَةٌ.

نَعِيمٌ Enjoyment; [delight; pleasure;] as also ↓ نَعْمَةٌ, q. v.: (Msb:) plenty and ease. (K.) See نِعْمَةٌ.

نَعَامَةٌ The blackness of night. (S in art. سقط.) see an ex. voce سقْطٌ. b2: نَعَامَةٌ The ostrich: it sometimes denotes the female. See مَخْزُومٌ and جَراَدٌ. b3: شاَلَتْ نَعَامَتُهُمْ: see طَائِرٌ, زَأْلٌ, شَالَ, and a verse voce إِمَّا. b4: اِبْنُ النَّعَامَةِ The shank-bone: and a certain vein in the leg: and the middle, or beaten track, of the road: and the brisk, lively, or sprightly, horse: and the drawer of water (السَّانِى) who is at the head of the well. (T in art. بنى.) b5: نَعَامَةٌ and نَعَامَتَانِ of a well see زُرْنُوقٌ. b6: النَّعَائِمُ Nine stars [of Sagittarius], behind الشَّوْلَةُ, four in the Milky Way, [b, g, d, and ε,] called النعائمُ الوَارِدَةُ, as though drinking; and four without the Milky Way β, γ, δ, ε,, [c, s, t, and f,] called النعائمُ الصَّادِرَةُ, as though returning from drinking; and the ninth, λ,] [not mentioned by some,] high between them: each of the two fours forming the corners of a quadrilateral figure. The twentieth Mansion of the Moon. (El-Kazweenee.) عَيْشٌ نَاعِمٌ [A plentiful and easy life. See نَعِمَ عَيْشُهُ.] A pleasant life. (Mgh.) [A soft, or delicate, life.] b2: نَاعِمٌ Soft, or tender: applied to a plant or tree: (Mgh:) [smooth; sleek. And i. q. مُتَنِّعَمٌ.]

مُنَعَّلٌ , applied to a horse, white on the forelegs: see أَقْفَزُ.

أَنَاعِيمُ , pl. pl. of نَعَمٌ: see a verse cited voce دَانَى.
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