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1 نَغِصَ, aor. نَغَصَ, (S, K,) inf. n. نَغَصٌ, (S,) He (a man, S,) failed of having his desire fully accomplished: (S, K:) but Lth says, that it is more commonly with teshdeed, i. e. ↓ نَغَّصَ, [unless this be a mistake for نُغِّصَ,] inf. n. تَنْغِيصٌ. (TA.) b2: And in like manner, (S,) He (a camel) failed of having his full, or complete, draught, or drink. (S, K.) b3: And It (beverage) was imperfect, or defective. (K.) b4: See also 5.

A2: نَغَصٌ (L, K) and نَغْصٌ (L, TA) [both inf. ns., the verb of the former being app. نَغِصَ, used intransitively, and that of the latter نَغَصَ, used transitively, followed by إِبِلَهُ,] also signify The bringing one's camels to the drinking-trough, and, when they have drunk, turning them back, and bringing others; (K;) taking forth, from every two camels, a strong camel, and putting in its place a weak camel; and thus as it were, making their drinking troublesome. (TA.) b2: You say also, نَغَصَ الرَّجُلُ الرَّجُلَ The man prevented the man from obtaining his share of water by interposing to hinder his camels from drinking: and in like manner, رَعْيَهُ ↓ أَنْغَصَهُ [He prevented him from obtaining his share of pasturage for his camels]: the verb in the latter instance being with ا. (TA.) b3: See also 2.2 نغّص عَلَيْنَا He cut short a thing of which we loved to have much, or abundance. (IAar, TA.) b2: نغّص عَلَيْهِ; and عليه ↓ نَغَصَ, inf. n. نَغْصٌ; but the former is the more common; He rendered [an affair, or circumstances, or a state,] troublesome, or perturbed, to him; syn. كَدَّرَ. (IKtt, TA.) You say, نغّص اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ العَيْشَ, (S, K,) inf. n. تَنْغِيصٌ; (S;) and نغّصهُ (S, K) and عليه العيش ↓ انغص; (K;) God rendered life troublesome, or perturbed, to him; syn. كَدَّرَهُ: (S, K:) the first of these is the most common: (TA:) the second occurs in poetry; the pronoun in this relating to a man. (Akh, S, TA.) A2: See also نَغِصَ.4 أَنْغَصَ see 1, last sentence: b2: and see also 2.5 تنغّصت عِيشَتُهُ, (S,) or مَعِيشَتُهُ, (K,) His state of life, (S,) or his means of subsistence, (K,) became troublesome, or perturbed, or attended with trouble; syn. تَكَدَّرَتْ. (S, K.) You say also, نَغِصَ أَمْرُهُ, inf. n. نَغَصٌ, [His affair, or case, became troublesome, &c.;] (A;) [for] ↓ نَغَصٌ is syn. with تَنَغُّصٌ as signifying تَكَدُّرٌ (Har, p. 273).6 تناغصت الإِبِلُ عَلَى الحَوْضِ The camels crowded, or pressed, together to the drinkingtrough. (Ks, K. *) نُغَصٌ is said to signify Things that prevent one from attaining an object of desire. (Har, p. 273.) مُنَغِّصٌ Any one who cuts short a thing of which one loves to have more. (IAar, TA.)
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