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ى1 نَوَاهُ and ↓ اِنْتَوَاهُ He intended it, purposed it, designed it, aimed at it, proposed it to himself as the object of his aim.8 اِنْتَوَى القَوْمُ مَنْزِلًا بِمَوْضِعِ كَذَا (S, Msb) The people, or party, repaired, or betook themselves, to, or towards, a place of alighting or abode, in such a place. (Msb.) See 1. b2: اِنْتَوَى It (a people, or company of men,) removed from country to country, or town to town. (TA.) نَوًى Date-stones: they are often used as food for camels; (see إِبِلٌ نَوَوِيَّةٌ;) and for this purpose are bruised, and sometimes mixed with barley, and then moistened: see بَسِيسَةٌ. b2: نَوَاةٌ What is cut off in the circumcision of a girl. (Lh, in TA, voce عُذْرَةٌ.) The name shows that this is the prepuce of the clitoris, the end of which resembles the end of a date-stone. But see بَظْرٌ. b3: النَّوَى What remains of the place of circumcision of a girl after that operation; i. e. the بَظْر: (M:) or the place of circumcision of a girl, which is what remains of her بَظْر when the مُتْك has been cut off. (T.) b4: نَوًى Pieces of gold, each of the weight of five dirhems. (TA in art. جب.) b5: نَوًى The tract, or region towards which one goes (S) in journeying, whether near or distant; (S;) the place that is the object of a journey: (El-Kálee, TA:) [a traveller's destination:] the course, or direction, that one pursues (K, TA) in journeying and in acting or conduct: (TA:) see an ex. voce صَرْفٌ (third sentence), and عَقَرَ. It is of the fem. gender. (S.) See an ex. in some verses cited voce بَيْنٌ.

نِىٌّ and نَىٌّ: see art. نيأ.

نِيَّةٌ An intention, an intent, a purpose, a design, an aim; a determination of the mind, or heart: (Msb, TA:) this is the general meaning: (Msb:) the direction that one takes (S, Msb, K) in a journey, (S, K,) near or distant, (S,) and in an action: (K:) the thing that one intends, or purposes, or aims at: an affair: (Msb:) the place to which one purposes journeying: (S in art. زل:) see an ex. from a rájiz in art. زل, first paragraph: the thing, or place, that one proposes to himself as the object of his aim, in an action, or a journey: or the thing, or place, that is the object of an action or journey: see طِيَّةٌ and شُلَّةٌ. b2: نِيَّةٌ نَقَحٌ i. q. طَرَحٌ and ضرحٌ, &c. (O, art. ضرح.) b3: نِيَّةٌ بَعِيدَةٌ: see بَعيدٌ, where the ة of the latter word has been accidentally omitted. It also often (or generally) means A distant, or remote, thing, or place, that is the object of an action or journey: &c.

أَنَامُنْتَوٍ عَنْ هَذَا الأَمْرِ I. q. مَتَرَيِّعٌ, q. v. (TA in art. ريع.)
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