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1 هَبَدَ الهَبِيدَ, aor. هَبِدَ, (L, K,) inf. n. هَبْدٌ, (L,) He broke هَبِيد, (Lth, L, K,) i. e. colocynths: (Lth, L:) or (in the K, and) he cooked هَبِيد [i. e., colocynths or their seeds]: (L, K:) or (in the K, and) he gathered هَبِيد [i. e. colocynths]; (L, K;) as also ↓ تهبّدهُ and ↓ اهتبدهُ; (K;) or ↓ تهبّد and ↓ اهتبد; which are said of an ostrich and of a man: and these two verbs signify he (an ostrich or a man) extracted هَبِيد [or colocynth-seeds] to eat: (L:) you say of an ostrich ↓ هُوَ يَتَهَبَّدُ he extracts the seeds of the colocynth to eat them: and ↓ تهبّد signifies he took a colocynth, or colocynths, and broke it, or them: (S, L:) or he (an ostrich) broke a colocynth, or colocynths, and ate its, or their seeds: (A:) and he gathered colocynths and macerated them in water: (L:) and ↓ اهتبد he [an ostrich) pierced colocynths with his beak, and ate their seeds: (T, L:) and he took the seeds of dry colocynths, and put them in a place, and poured upon them water, and rubbed and pressed them with the hand, then poured off from them the water, and did this for some days, until their bitterness was gone; after which they are bruised, or brayed, and cooked: (S, L:) or he prepared for food (عَالَخَ) the pulp of colocynths. (AHeyth, L. [See an ex. in a verse cited voce راجلة.]) b2: Also هَبَدَهُ, (aor. as above, L,) He fed him (namely a man, K) with هَبِيد. (L, K.) 5 تَهَبَّدَand 8: see 1.

هَبْدٌ: see هَبِيدٌ.

هَبِيدٌ The colocynth; as also ↓ هَبْدٌ: (L, K:) or the seeds of the colocynth; (S, A, L, K;) as also هَبْدٌ: (L, K:) n. un. of the former, [which is a coll. gen. n.,] with ة: (L:) or the pulp of the colocynth. (AHeyth, L.) b2: [See بَرْوَقٌ] b3: Also, A certain food, which is eaten in cases of necessity, made by breaking colocynths, and taking forth their seeds, and macerating these in water, that their bitterness may go, and then cooking them: (Nh, L:) or colocynths macerated for some days in water, then washed, and, after their upper rind has been thrown away, cooked; to which is added some flour; and sometimes عَصِيدَة is made of it: (AA, L:) or a food made by macerating in water the seeds of dried colocynths, and heating this water until its bitterness has gone, then pouring upon it some grease, and sprinkling upon it a little flour, after which it is supped. (L.) رَجُلٌ هَابِدٌ A man who gathers colocynths: (TA:) and هَوَابِدُ [pl. of هَابِدَةٌ] women who gather colocynths. (K.)
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