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1 هَرِجَ aor. ?? inf. n. هَرْجٌ He did, acted, or occupied himself much (??) a thing (S, L:) ex. (??) (L.) This is the original signification. (S,) b2: هَرج فِى

الحِدِيثِ, (aor, ?? inf. n. هَرْجٌ. Msb.) He launched into, and expatiated in. or was diffuse in discourse tail or (??): (K:) this is the signification in most frequent use: (TA:) or he made a confusion, or confounded, therein. (K, Msb.) b3: هَرَج. aor هَرِجَ, and هَرُجَ, inf. n. هَرْجٌ, Multum inivit (S. L.) or [simply] inivit an cillam suam (K.) b4: هَرَجَ, aor. هَرِجَ, (inf. n. هَرْجٌ, TA,) He (a horse) ran much (S. L:) or ran quickly or swiftly: (Msb:) or [simply] ran (K,) b5: هَرَجَ النَّاسُ aor. هَرِجَ, (inf. n. هَرْجٌ, (S.) The people fell (??) a state of trial, or civil war or conflict and faction or discord, or discussion, (فِتْنَة,) and confusion, or disorder, (S, K,) and slaughter. (K.) b6: هَرِجَ, aor. هَرَجَ, (inf. n. هَرَجٌ, S,) He (a camel) became perplexed in his sight, by reason of the vehemence of heat, and his being much smeared with pitch, (S, K,) and being heavily laden. (TA.) 2 هرّج البَعِيرَ, inf. n. تَهْرِيجٌ, and ↓ اهرجهُ, inf. n. إِهْرَاجٌ; He incited, or urged, the camel to journey on (during the hottest time of the day, S) until he [the camel] became perplexed so his sight by reason of the vehemence of the beat. (S, K.) b2: هرّج بِالسَّبْعِ, inf. n. تَهْرِيجٌ, He cried and to the lion or other beast of prey, and child him. (S, K.) A2: هرّج. inf. n. تَهْرِيجٌ. It (beverage of the kind called نَبِيذ) affected, or took effect upon, a person. (S, K.) 4 أَهْرَجَ see 2. b2: أَهْرَجَ The heal reached has (a camel's) inside (L.) 6 تهارجوا Iniverunt, ulii alias. (TA.) 7 انهرچ He was, or became, affected by beverage of the kind called نَبِيذ. (S, CK) هَرْجٌ Trial, or civil war, or conflict and faction, or discord, or dissension. (فِتَنْةٌ,) and confusion. or disorder: (S:) vehement and much slaughter (TA:) in a trad. respecting the signs of the last day, conflict, and confusion, or disorder: (TA:) or slaughter; as explained by Mohammad himself: (S:) and so, accord to Aboo-Moosa. It signifies in the language of Abyssinia (TA.) Ibn-Keys Fr-Rukeiyát said in the days of the faction of Ibn-Ez-Zubayi.

لَيْت شِعْرِى أَأَوَّلُ الهَرْجِ هٰذَا

أَمٌ زَمَانٌ مِنْ فِتْنَةِ غَيْرِ هَرْجِ Would that I knew whether this be the first of the slaughter predicted as a (??) whether it be a (??) of trial, or civil war &c., other than the slaughter so predicted (S) هَرَّاجٌ: see مهْرَجٌ.

هَرَّاجَةٌ An assembly, or a company, of men who launch into, and expatiate in, or are diffuse in, discourse, talk, or naration. (K.) مُهْرِجٌ A man whose camels are affected with the scab, and have therefore been smeared with pitch, and to whose insides the the heat has penetrated (TA.) مِهْرَجٌ and ↓ هَرَّاجٌ A horse that runs much: (S. K:) and ↓ مِهْرَاجٌ a horse that runs vehemently (TA.) مِهْراجٌ: see مِهْرجٌ.
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