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1 هَرَدَ, (S, L, K,) aor. هَرِدَ, (K,) inf. n. هَرْدٌ, (L,) He rent, or tore, (S, L, K,) a garment, or piece of cloth; (S, L;) as also هَرَتَ: (Az, L:) he rent, or tore, to injure, or spoil, (L, K,) not to amend: (L:) he (a puller) rent, or tore, and beat, a garment, or piece of cloth: (L:) and ↓ هرّد he rent, or tore, much. (L.) b2: هَرَدَ عِرْضَهُ, aor. هَرِدَ, (L,) inf. n. هَرْدٌ, (S, L, K,) He wounded his reputation. (S, L, K.) b3: هَرَدَ, aor. هَرِدَ, (S, L, K,) inf. n. هَرْدٌ, (L,) He cooked flesh-meat so that it fell off from the bones: (S, L, K:) or cooked it much: (As, L:) or cooked it thoroughly and well: (ISd, L, K:) and ↓ هرّد, (K,) inf. n. تَهْرِيدٌ, (S, L,) signifies the same, (S, L, K,) but with an intensiveness: (S, L:) or he put flesh-meat into the fire, and cooked it thoroughly. (AZ, L.) b4: هَرِدَ, (L, K, TA,) or هَرَدَ, (AZ, L, CK,) and ↓ تهرّد, (TA,) It (flesh-meat) became cooked so that it fell off from the bones: or, cooked much: or, cooked thoroughly and well: (L, K: *) or it, being put into the fire, became thoroughly cooked. (AZ, L.) Irreg. verb. هَرَدْتُ الشَّىْءَ, aor. أُهَرِيدُهُ, [in the CK, أُهْرِيدُهُ,] (Lh, M, art. رود; and K,) inf. n. هِرَادَةٌ, (Lh, M in art. رود,) i. q. أَرَدْتُهُ [q. v., in art. رود, I willed, wished, or desired, the thing]. (Lh, M, art. رود; and K.) 2 هَرَّدَ see 1.

A2: هرّد, inf. n. تَهْرِيدٌ, He wore a مَهْرُود, (K,) i. e., a yellow garment, dyed with هُرْد. (TA.) 5 تَهَرَّدَ see 1.

هُرْدٌ Certain roots with which one dyes, (L, K,) of a yellow colour: (TA:) or (so accord. to the L; but in the K, and) i. q. كُرْكُمٌ: (L, K:) or the yellow كُرْكُم: correctly, the roots of the كُرْكُم, or وَرْس: (TA:) and a certain red earth (K) with which one dyes. (TA.) هِرْدَى, (As, S, L, K, [but in the last it is not shown whether it be with or without tenween]) of the measure فَعْلَى, (S, L,) of the fem. gen., (IAmb,) but AHn says, I know not whether it be masc. [and therefore with tenween] or fem. [and therefore without tenween], (L.) [in one instance in the L, and in a copy of the K, written هردا, which is evidently wrong,] and هِرْدَآء, [i. e.

هِرْدَآءُ or هِرْدَآءٌ,] (L, K,) and ↓ هِرْدَانٌ, (L,) A certain plant; (As, S, L, K;) a certain herb, of which AHn says, that he had not met with a description of it: (L:) and ↓ هَيْرُدَانٌ is also the name of a certain plant, (K,) like هِرْدَى, (L,) or i. q. هِرْدَانٌ. (TA.) هُرْدِىٌّ: see مَهْرُودٌ.

هِرْدَانٌ: see هِرْدَى.

هَيْرُدَانٌ: see هِرْدَى.

هَرِيدٌ and ↓ مَهْرُودٌ A garment, or piece of cloth, rent, or torn; (L;) as also هَرِيتٌ. (AZ.) مَهْرُودٌ: see هَرِيدٌ. b2: Also, (S, L, K,) A garment, or piece of cloth, dyed yellow (S, L) with هُرْد; (L;) and so ↓ مُهَرَّدٌ (L) and ↓ هُرْدِىٌّ: (K, * TA,) or, as Sh says, accord. to information given to Aboo-'Adnán by an intelligent Arab of the desert, of the people called Báhileh, dyed with وَرْس, and then with saffron, so as to become of a colour like that of the flower of the حَوْذَانَة: (Az, L:) or of a light yellow colour. (IAmb, L.) مُهَرَّدٌ: see مَهْرُودٌ.
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