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1 هَلَكَ

, inf. n. هَلَاكٌ &c., (S, K, &c.,) He, or it, perished, came to nought, came to an end, passed away, was not, was no more, or became non-existent or annihilated: (KL, PS in explanation of هَلاَكٌ, &c.:) or fell: or became in a bad, or corrupt, state; became corrupted, vitiated, marred, or spoiled: or went away, no one knew whither: (Mgh in explanation of هَلاَكٌ:) he died. (K.) b2: هَلَكَتْ أَرْضُهُ His land had its herbage dried up by drought: see جَرِبَ.2 وَادِى تُهُلِّكَ I. q.

تُضُلِّل4 أَهْلَكَهُ He destroyed, made an end of, or caused to perish or come to an end, made away, did away with, or brought to nought, him, or it; took away his life.6 تَهَالَكَ غَمًّا [app. He perished gradually by reason of grief.] (A, art. سوس: see 1 in that art.) b2: تَهَالَكَ عَلَيْهِ He was vehemently eager for it. (TA.) b3: تَهَالَكَ فِيهِ He strove, laboured, toiled, or exerted himself, in it, namely in running; as also ↓ اِهْتَلَكَ. (TA.) He strove, laboured, toiled, or exerted himself, and hastened, in it, namely an affair; as also ↓ استهلك فيه. (TA.) b4: تَهَالَكَتْ said of a she-camel, i. q. عَشِقَتْ [She vehemently desired the stallion]. (AA, TA in art. عشق.) 8 إِهْتَلَكَ see 6.10 اِسْتَهْلَكَ properly signifies He sought, or courted, destruction; like اِسْتَمَاتَ: see مُسْتَمِيتَ: and see an ex. voce شَرْشَرَةٌ. b2: اِسْتَهْلَكَ فِى كَذَا He (a man) distressed, troubled, or fatigued, himself in, or respecting, such a thing. (TA.) See also 6.

هَلَكَةٌ The drying up of the plants, or herbage. (AHn, TA.) See هَلاَكٌ.

هَلاَكٌ [Perdition; destruction; a state of perdition or destruction: a lost state;] death. (K.) b2: هَلاَكٌ and ↓ هَلَكَةٌ are syn. (S, Msb, K.) b3: اِرْتَبَكَ فِى اِنْهَلَكَاتِ He stuck fast in cases of perdition: see art. ربك.

هَالِكٌ Dead; or dying. (Bd, Jel in xii. 85) b2: هَالِكٌ sometimes means Subject to perish; as in the Kur, xxviii. last verse.


: see أَلُوكٌ.

مَهْلِكٌ Death: see a verse cited voce سَهُوٌ.

مَهْلَِكَةٌ A cause of perdition, or of death. (TA in art. بخل.) b2: (tropical:) A place of perdition or death: and a desert: (KL:) or a [desert, or such as is termed] مَفَازَة; (S, K, TA;) because persons perish therein; (Z, TA;) or because it urges [or leads] to perdition. (TA.) See جَادَّةٌ.

هُوَ مُسْتَهْلِكٌ إِلَى كَذَا i. q.

مُسْتَمِيتٌ [q. v.]. (TA, art. موت, from the A.) b2: مُسْتَهْلِكُ الوِرْدِ A road that destroys him who seeks water, by reason of its far extent. (O.)
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