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Searchable Online Version ʿAbdullāh ibn ʿAbbās, Gharīb al-Qurʾān fī Shiʿr al-ʿArab غريب القرآن في شعر العرب لعبد الله بن عباس

This book (also known as Masāʾil Nāfiʿ b. al-Azraq) is a 250-entry dictionary of Quranic words written in a question-and-answer format. The questions are asked by Nāfiʿ b. al-Azraq and answered by ʿAbdullāh ibn ʿAbbās (d. 687 CE / 68 AH), Companion (ṣaḥābī) of Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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