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Searchable Online Version Abū Mūsā al-Madīnī, al-Majmūʿ al-Mughīth fī Gharībay al-Qurʾān wa-l-Ḥadīth المجموع المغيث في غريبي القرآن والحديث لأبو موسى المديني

Abū Mūsā al-Madīnī (d. c. 1185 CE / 581 AH), was one of the foremost scholars of his time and his knowledge and piety attained great renown. Among his students is ʿAbd al-Ghanī al-Maqdisī, the great scholar of hadith. Al-Madīnī Majmūʿ al-Mughīth is a dictionary concerned with interpreting difficult and ambiguous words and expressions used in hadith and the Quran.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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