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Searchable Online Version Abū ʿUbayd al-Qāsim bin Salām, Gharīb al-Ḥadīth غريب الحديث لأبي عبيد القاسم بن سلام

Al-Qāsim bin Salām, often referred to as Abū ʿUbayd (d. c. 839 CE / 224 AH) says that he spent forty years writing this book, which is concerned with difficult and unusual words found in the hadith of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ. Abū ʿUbayd, who was mixed Arab and Persian, had made the study of hadith the work of his life, considering it a form of worship. His Gharīb al-Ḥadīth was one of the main references used by the scholars of hadith in their interpretation of texts of hadith.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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