Searchable Online Version Ghulām Thaʿlab, al-ʿAsharāt fī Gharīb al-Lugha العشرات في غريب اللغة لمحمد بن عبد الواحد الزاهد غلام ثعلب

Ghulām Thaʿlab (d. 957 CE / 345 AH) was a Persian religious scholar and philologist from Khorasan who wrote books on the Quran, hadith and the Arabic language. His book ʿAsharāt fī Gharīb al-Lugha is a useful reference that many other scholars benefited from, such as Yāqūt al-Ḥamawī in his Buldān and al-Qayrawānī in his ʿAsharāt.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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